Fall in Love with STEM - Allendale

Association for Women in Science - West Michigan (AWIS-WM) presents Fall in Love with STEM, fun workshops and activities for middle and high schools students.

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You can attend three of the five disciplines. Please indicate your choices below.

Geology Curio Museum (Geology)
Drop by the Geology Department and take a look at some of the cool items that we have in our collection! Neat and unique minerals, rocks and fossils will be on display. 

Colors, Shapes, Connections, Bubbles and Math (Mathematics)
Explore a variety of fun math games and logic puzzles, and learn how mathematics applies to household wiring, constructing buildings, soccer and bubbles.

Bright Ideas Sound Like Fun (Physics)
Sound and light are two of the main ways we sense the world around us, so come learn about their creation and behavior!  Color vision and optical illusions will also be explored.  

Biological Inspirations (Biology)
Nature inspires art! But art also aids in biological understanding. Explore the natural world and use your internal creativity to discover your passion for biology!

Melting your Heart with Chemistry (Chemistry)
How much energy is in a candy heart? These and other chemistry topics will be explored in this intriguing workshop.

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