Student Health Insurance

Domestic Students

Although, at this time, GVSU doesn't require domestic students to evidence that they're covered by health insurance, we strongly encourage all of our students to be insured.  Please be aware that the University's liability insurance program does not cover injury or illness sustained by a student; even if the injury or illness is a result  of class or sponsored activities.  We encourage you to review your medical insurance coverage to ensure that it is is both adequate for your needs, and applicable in the State of Michigan.

If you aren't currently insured, or have inadequate coverage, GVSU has collaborated with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan through Relation Insurance.  To learn more, or enroll, please feel free to work directly with Relation Insurance by clicking here. If you have additional questions on health insurance for domestic students, please contact GVSU Housing Department at 616.331.2120.

International Students

Health insurance for International students is mandatory, and those students are automatically enrolled in a program through Relation Insurance, and managed by GVSU's Padnos International Center (PIC). You can visit Relation's website at for more information. If you have additional questions that can't be answered by Relation or their website, please contact Padnos International Center at 616.331.3898.

Page last modified October 8, 2018