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Media Liability

The University has insurance coverage for Media Liability that includes media activities, subpoena defense costs and internet activities.

Media Activity includes:

  1. Any actual or alleged act, error or omission arising directly out of the gathering, recording, collection, writing, editing, publication, dissemination, exhibition, broadcast or release of Matter in connection with the Covered Media, including but not limited to any actual or alleged: invasion or infringement of the right of privacy or publicity, including the torts of intrusion upon seclusion, publication of private facts, false light, or misappropriation of name or likeness;
  2. Libel, slander, or any other form of defamation or harm to the character or reputation of any person or entity, including product disparagement or trade libel;
  3. Outrage, infliction of emotional distress or prima facie tort;
  4. False arrest, detention or imprisonment, harassment, trespass, wrongful entry or eviction, eavesdropping, or other invasion of the right of private occupancy;
  5. Copyright infringement or misappropriation of property rights, information or ideas or dilution or infringement of title, slogan, trademark, trade name, service mark, or service name;
  6. Negligence in connection with the content of Matter, including but not limited to any Claim alleging harm to a person or entity who acted or failed to act in reliance upon such Matter;
  7. Any actual or alleged act, error or omission arising directly out of the development, creation, production, placement or dissemination of Matter consisting of or relating to advertising, publicizing, promotion or sale of the goods or services of the Insured or others where such Matter is in, or directly relating to, the Covered Media.

Subpoena Defense Costs includes:

Reasonable legal fees and expenses incurred in seeking to quash or modify a Covered Subpoena or in opposing any motion to enforce a Covered Subpoena on any appropriate ground, including but not limited to grounds of reporter's privilege or shield law or other applicable constitutional, statutory or common-law privilege relating to the protection of newsgathering activities.

Internet Activities includes:

Display or other use of Matter, including advertising, on an Internet Site which was created on or prior to the Inception Date of the insurance policy.