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Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel Insurance Program

GVSU has purchased comprehensive emergency assistance, liability, emergency evacuation, and repatriation insurance for faculty, staff and students traveling abroad on approved programs. This assistance plan arranges emergency evacuation, which, with appropriate authorization, will transport an ill and/or injured person to appropriate medical care. Included is repatriation insurance, which will cover the costs of bringing a person back to the U.S., should death occur. Additional coverage includes travel assistance, medical information, safety tips, as well as other services. This service provides 24-hour 365-day emergency medical, legal, and consular services.

This insurance plan will make sure that a person receives appropriate emergency assistance. It does not cover the costs associated with this emergency assistance. It is critical that every study abroad participant have a primary insurance policy to cover costs associated with any sickness, injury, or other emergency.

Please note that personal travel is not covered under this insurance. Should a claim be made for services provided on non-study abroad related travel, the person utilizing the services will be responsible for any costs incurred in providing the services. Insurance claims made on non-study abroad program related travel may be denied.

Foreign Package Coverages

Foreign General Liability

Foreign Property

Foreign Automobile Liability

Foreign Workers' Compensation

Travel Accident and Sickness

Travel Emergency Assistance

Medical Assistance and Travel Medical Emergency Services

Personal and Pre-Trip Services

Legal Assistance

Emergency Cash - From Personal Funding Source

Lost Baggage or Passport Assistance

Insurance Coordination

Evacuation and Repatriation

Emergency Message Center

Other General Assistance

This coverage does not apply to travel to/within nations currently under a U.S. State Department Travel Warning. Travel warnings are updated regularly by the U.S. Department of State. For the most recent list, consult their website .

GVSU Workers Compensation for Foreign Travel

This coverage applies to all GVSU employees traveling on university business. However there is a limitation of a maximum of six(6) faculty and staff traveling together outside the USA or Canada. It is important that all Deans and Unit Heads are aware that faculty and staff should not travel together (on same plane or in the same land vehicle) outside the USA or Canada in groups larger than six (6) individuals. If it is not possible to avoid situations in which six or more GVSU faculty and staffs are traveling together outside the USA or Canada, inform GVSU's Director of Risk Management at least 30 days before departure so that additional coverage may be secured.

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