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Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability addresses the risks associated with e-business, the Internet, networks and informational assets. Cyber Liability Insurance coverage offers protection for exposures arising out of Internet communications. This includes privacy issues, the infringement of intellectual property, virus transmission, or any other serious trouble that may be passed from first to third parties via the Web.

It covers:

  • The costs of theft, destruction or unauthorized use of electronic data through computer viruses and network intrusions. It also costs if third party information is breached., such as consumer credit card accounts.
  • Loss control and risk mitigation service that provides a comprehensive service to notify and protect the customers of policyholders that have suffered a data breach.
  • Breach notification and credit monitoring services for affected individuals
  • Breach response coverage including forensic and legal assistance, notification costs, 3-bureau credit monitoring services for each person notified, and loss prevention services
  • HIPAA compliance, coverage extends to theft, loss or unauthorized disclosures
  • Crisis Management public relations and extraordinary notification expenses and foreign notifications