Automobile coverage

University Vehicles
All University vehicles are insured for vehicle liability (including the statutory Michigan No Fault coverage) and Automobile Physical Damage (Collision) Insurance while being driven anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Coverage is extended to anyone driving these vehicles with University permission.

Personal Vehicles
Employee personal vehicles are insured for vehicle liability while being driven on University business. This coverage is secondary to employee’s personal automobile insurance and is subject to specific deductibles.

Employee personal vehicles are insured for Automobile Physical Damage (Collision) by the employee’s personal automobile insurance while being driven on University business. There is no coverage under the University’s Automobile Physical Damage (Collision) insurance policy.

Rental Vehicles
Rental vehicles are covered under the University’s liability policy. All terms and conditions of the vehicle rental agreement should be read and followed, particularly concerning authorized drivers. Violations of the agreement or driving regulations may render the University responsible for any damages. Use the following guidelines for insurance coverage when renting vehicles. Questions concerning insurance coverage should be directed to Risk Management at 616-331-2067.

  1. Decline the collision damage waiver insurance. The University provides coverage that eliminates liability for replacement at full retail value due to collision damage.
  2. Decline the personal accident insurance if rental was booked by the University’s preferred travel agency and/or paid for using a University P-Card or the Fifth Third MasterCard offered through GVSU. Travel agency and corporate charge card program contracts automatically provide accident/medical and death benefits under personal insurance coverage.
  3. Decline the personal effects insurance for University property. The University is insured for property in the vehicle. Personal property may be covered under your personal insurance; confirm with your insurance agent. Accepting the coverage for personal property is at your expense.
  4. When vehicles are rented for University business travel, all rental contracts should be issued in the University’s name to avoid confusion concerning vehicle liability insurance. 

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Page last modified August 10, 2017