Respect Our Campus




Respect Environment

Cigarettes are a serious litter disposal problem, they are not biodegradable. Although ultraviolet rays may break down discarded cigarettes, they never disappear. The toxins in them contaminate water and soil. Please to be considerate of your cigarette butt disposal. By clicking here, you can find more information about how cigarette butts affect the environment. 

Respect Others

Grand Valley State University aims to spread awareness of the harmful effects of smoking. We ask smokers to be mindful of the university smoking policy. Please respect the distance and smoke at least 25 feet away from any building, Little Mac Bridge, and GVSU bus stop.

Cigarettes are not just harmful to the one smoking; they are also harmful to others around, including babies and small children. Please be mindful of those around you who choose to not smoke and respect the distance.

Respect Yourself

Tobacco and smoking are harmful to people's health. The University also realizes the use of tobacco is a personal choice. Grand Valley State University asks smokers to adapt their personal behaviors while attending class, working or visiting campus by disposing cigarette butts properly in marked receptacles.

Page last modified March 9, 2017