Campus Wide Food Drive

September 30, 2015

Campus Wide Food Drive

The Women's Center host the GVSU food resource for students, now called ReSTORE, to meet the short-term challenges that students sometimes face when it comes to accessing food.  Obtaining an adequate food supply is often a major component of the financial stress and we know that inadequate nutrition decreases academic performance.

Questions? Call Sharalle Arnold at 331-2748 or email 


Food can be dropped off at various sites including: 

ReSTORE: In KC 0074

Women's Center: In KC 1201

Cheryl Fisher: In Service Bldg 1126

Anita Benes: In Lake Mich. Hall 133

Fran Cain: In DeVos 288C

Mark Saint Amour: In the Bicycle Factory 200

Tim Eernisse: In Eberhard Center WGVU 1st Floor

KCON Student Services: In CHS 326


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