Forms and Resources

The Religious Studies major offers students a great deal of flexibility, with the option of focusing on particular religious traditions through electives in a range of global traditions and disciplinary perspectives. The advising forms and resources on this page will provide religious studies majors with tools for designing a course of study.

See the Informational Handout for a brief description of the major/minor requirements.

Individualized Plan of Study

The study plan provides an outline in which each student will select courses from the Global Perspectives, Disciplinary Approaches, and Electives categories. Each category is comprised of courses from across the disciplines.

Download a blank study plan to fill and save for your records!

REL 399/499

At times, our majors may decide to specialize their studies with a faculty member in a particular area through an Independent Study or Independent Readings course. These are individually designed and must have the approval of the department chair. See Independent Study Form to access the contract form you will need to fill out for this option in your studies.

Please contact a faculty advisor to discuss your major/minor requirements in detail.

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