Degree Requirements

Major in Religious Studies (33 credits)

Students who major in religious studies may receive either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The B.A. degree requires third-semester proficiency in a foreign language. The B.S. degree requires the following cognate sequence: STA 215, LIB 301, and one of the following: ANT 315, PLS 300, PSY 385 or SOC 287.


CORE COURSES (Credits: 12). All majors are required to take the following courses:
REL 100 Religions of the World
REL 200 Introduction to Religious Studies: Concepts, Methods and Traditions
REL 300 Contemporary Theories and Issues in Religious Studies
REL 495 Religious Studies Senior Seminar (capstone)

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON TRADITIONS COURSES (Credits: 9). All majors are required to take three of the following courses:
LIB 300/REL 310 (beginning Fall 2016) Jewish Scriptures and Traditions
MES 350 Islam: Scriptures and Rituals
PHI 210 Eastern Philosophy
REL 305 Christianity: Scriptures and Tradition

DISCIPLINARY APPROACHES COURSES (Credits: 6): All majors are required to take two of the following courses:
ANT 315 Comparative Religions
LIB 335/REL 335 (beginning Fall 2016) Sacred Texts - Global Contexts
PHI 343 Philosophy of Religion
PLS 330 Religion and Politics in America 
PSY 385 Psychology of Religion
SOC 287 Sociology of Religion
HNR 312 The Terror of Monotheism (SWS) This course is only offered in Winter 2016 and needs instructor permission to add the course and advisor permission to count the course in the category.

ELECTIVES (Credits: 6): All majors are required to take two of the following courses:
REL 340 Religion and Popular Culture in the United States
CJ 405 Terrorism
CLA 315 Ancient Religion
ENG 204 World Mythology
HST 211 History of Islamic Civilization
HST 311 History of Religion in the United States
HST 337 The Age of Islamic Empire
HST 342 History of East Asian Religions
HST 376 History of Witch Hunts
MGT 340 Ethics and Business, Social Justice and Sustainability
PHI 306 Eastern Great Philosophers
PHI 312  Medieval Great Philosophers
PHI 341 Philosophy of Death and Dying 

Minor in Religious Studies (21 credits)

  • REL 100 Religions of the World
  • REL 200 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • REL 300 Contemporary Theories and Issues in Religious Studies
  • Two courses from the Global Perspectives category
  • One course from the Disciplinary Approaches category
  • One course from designated Electives
  • Plus one additional course from Global Perspectives on Traditions, Electives,
    or Disciplinary Approaches categories


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