YMCA for Students

Due to the delayed opening of the YMCA and unknown impacts of COVID, we are not offering a YMCA discount option for Fall 2020. However, we hope to reinstate the program for Winter 2021.

Since the opening of the David D Hunting YMCA, Grand Valley State University students have been taking advantage of reduced-rate, semester-long plan that eliminated joining fees at the YMCA. Based on student requests, the YMCA also introduced a discounted family rate two years ago.

In addition to the David D Hunting facility, students can visit any YMCA location in greater Grand Rapids. Please see FAQs for additional information or contact (616) 331-1732 with membership questions.

Request YMCA Membership

Get a YMCA membership discount as a GVSU Student!


To participate, you must be a GVSU student, registered for at least ONE course with Grand Valley State University. 

The online membership link will be available approximately 4 weeks prior to and 4 weeks after the first day of each semester.

Visit www.gvsu.edu/ymca to complete the membership request form.

The online form is an authorization to add the YMCA charges to your GVSU account. A copy is also forwarded to YMCA membership services. 

To start using the YMCA, you will need to visit the David D. Hunting YMCA to complete forms and obtain your ID card.

Your membership with automatically activate on the first day of the semester or on the day you join (if after the first day). 

The David D. Hunting YMCA is located at 475 Lake Michigan Drive NW, Grand Rapids. 

The cost is $160 per semester for an individual OR $360 per semester for a family. 

For no additional fee, membership payment options through GVSU include: cash, check, money order, or e-check.

For an additional fee of $20, membership payment options include credit card or debit card. This option is only available with online payments.

There is no joining fee. 

Payment is due immediately. 

Membership is valid from the first day of the semester until the last day of the semester.

Membership periods are approximately four months in duration, to align with GVSU's academic calendar (fall, winter, spring/summer). 

Our system does not allow this. You can only join for one semester at a time, with access starting the first day of the semester and ending the last day of the semester.

This membership provides access to participating YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids branches and is valid for one semester only. 

If you wish to continue your membership beyond one semester, you will need to return to the membership website and submit a new online request each semester, authorizing GVSU to add the charges to your student account. 

Participating locations include:

  • David D. Hunting YMCA (Grand Rapids)
  • Spartan Stores YMCA (Wyoming)
  • Visser Family YMCA (Grandville)
  • Wolverine Worldwide YMCA (Belmont)
  • Lowell
  • Ionia
  • Mary Free Bed YMCA (Cascade)

This discounted membership plan prohibits GVSU students from parking in the David D. Hunting YMCA parking areas with vehicles subject to towing at the owner's expense.

Students are encouraged to use RAPID bus services or park in GVSU’s Seward Ramp or Seward Lot. Both of these parking areas will require a valid GVSU parking permit.  

Alternatively, students can purchase a higher-cost membership plan through the YMCA that includes parking privileges while visiting David D Hunting; however, YMCA management expects the vehicle to be moved upon departure.  

All membership inquiries, including joining after online enrollment period has concluded, and other membership-related questions should be directed to:

David D. Hunting YMCA