It's widely known that recreation has its benefits and is important to overall student success, and we'd love to know what that means to you. We want to promote, encourage, and motivate you to keep moving through participant testimonials and stories about why Campus Recreation has impacted them and how it has made a lasting impression. 

  • Why do you participate in Campus Recreation programs & services?
  • How and why do you get involved and stay active? 
  • What motivates you to live healthy? 
  • How has Campus Recreation helped you achieve your goals? 
  • Have you grown through participation in Campus Recreation? 
  • Why are you an advocate for Campus Recreation? 
  • What is your success story?


There are a few ways to let us know how you participate, why you participate, or what Campus Recreation means to you:

  • Submit your response online by clicking on the green button below
  • Share on social media using the hashtag #whyiGVrec

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Success Stories

Kyle Meade

"I played sports all through high school, so the weight room wasn't something new to me. However, learning the science behind exercise and diving deeper into nutrition helped me lose 30 lbs and become stronger and healthier. Completing my internship...

Marie Schneider

Never settle nor underestimate yourself!! Your job that you have now may seem insignificant, but there are lessons to be learned around you every day.  Pay attention to the people you interact with, both the customers and your teammates. 

Alexandra Sixt

"I joined group exercise in an effort to heal myself from the inside out, and discovered that exercise truly is medicine! After an amazing experience with the Group Exercise Mentorship Program, I'm becoming an instructor to help others find their...

Shelbi Imo

"As a staff member, Campus Recreation guided me towards my career path. When I was hired the beginning of fall semester my freshman year, I came in undecided and had no idea I would now be here as an exercise science student going into my last year of...

Justin Bean

"I have partnered with REC many times to promote health and well-being for these hundreds of students in my living centers! Providing resources for students to become more active and engaged in their campus community. REC continues to be a very..."

Bryan Bickford

"I REC for two reasons: First, as a staff member it's a really convenient way to relieve stress and get the blood flowing in the middle of the day. Exercise -- whether I run, play basketball, or do yoga -- clears my mind, gives me time to think, and...

Camille Curtis

I love being adventurous, hiking, water sports, and doing yoga as exercise! Campus Rec is great at encouraging student and employee physical and mental health and overall wellness. This pushes me to want to do more and keep up my routine!"

Casey Moomey

"I overcame a weight loss of 100 lbs. In 2008 when I started working at GVSU, I started using the Rec Center to maintain my weight loss and continue my fitness journey. It's been 12 years keeping my weight off and I visit the Rec Center 6 days a week..."

Lindsey DesArmo

"I would not be in my role as Health and Wellness Manager today if it were not for my employment and experiences with GVSU Campus Recreation. My first on campus job as a student was as an event staff position. One day, the Assistant Director at the...

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