It's widely known that recreation has its benefits and is important to overall student success, and we'd love to know what that means to you. We want to promote, encourage, and motivate you to keep moving through participant testimonials and stories about why Campus Recreation has impacted them and how it has made a lasting impression. 

  • Why do you participate in Campus Recreation programs & services?
  • How and why do you get involved and stay active? 
  • What motivates you to live healthy? 
  • How has Campus Recreation helped you achieve your goals? 
  • Have you grown through participation in Campus Recreation? 
  • Why are you an advocate for Campus Recreation? 
  • What is your success story?

Monthly drawings will feature prize giveaways for those who complete the survey or share their story with us!


There are a few ways to let us know how you participate, why you participate, or what Campus Recreation means to you:

  • Submit your response online by clicking on the green button below
  • Share on social media using the hashtag #whyiGVrec
  • Return a flyer you find on campus to the Campus Recreation office 

#whyiGVrec Campaign


Monse Miranda #whyiGVrec


Student, Outdoor Adventures Staff Member - Climbing Center, Bike Shop, Trip Leader 

"Campus Rec has allowed me to fulfill my love for adventure and the outdoors during my time at Grand Valley. Not only do I REC because having an active lifestyle is important but because Campus Rec has given me to opportunity to embark on adventures while helping other students find that love for being active and the outdoors that I have embraced. Through the Outdoor Adventure program, the rock climbing wall, and the bike shop I have found passions that I will continue for the rest of my life. Campus Recreation has had a great impact on my time at GVSU. Both as a participant and staff member, Campus Rec has inspired lifelong adventure in me."

Deon Evans #whyiGVrec

Deon Evans

Master’s Student, Massage Therapist

"My time with Campus Rec has been amazing. For one, it allowed me to rekindle my passion for massage therapy and has increased my interest in pursuing a side career in it. I have also met a lot of great people in my time of participating in intramural sports and officiating intramural sports. I have even taking a liking to officiating and am seriously thinking about doing it for the state of Michigan. I was a transfer student, coming in not knowing anyone and being involved has allowed me to meet almost everyone on campus! An awesome experience indeed!!!"


GVSU Staff Member 

"I REC for two reasons: First, as a staff member it's a really convenient way to relieve stress and get the blood flowing in the middle of the day. Exercise -- whether I run, play basketball, or do yoga -- clears my mind, gives me time to think, and makes me more creative in my job. I can get 45 minutes of exercise and be back at my desk refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Reason two is health. When I work out at lunch, I'm not out eating fast food somewhere. I'm trying to live a heart healthy lifestyle and the variety of exercise options at the rec center makes it easier for me to do that. At my age, it's important to keep stretching, jumping, running, and building whatever cardio and muscle I can. Also, after visiting with their school, my three boys also became members and enjoy coming out in the summer to shoot baskets and visit me at lunch. It's another way we stay connected."

Bryan Bickford #whyiGVrec


GVSU Staff Member, Group Exercise Instructor

“I REC because it changes lives. A few years ago, I never would’ve believed that I would someday be an instructor for group exercise, but with the Rec I lost a ton of weight, learned to live a healthier and more positive lifestyle, found that exercise can actually be super fun, and became a Zumba instructor. Teaching Zumba gives me a ton of energy and excitement, and I’m so happy that I get the chance to share that with those who come to my class.”

Dexter Earney #whyiGVrec

Julia Rauch #whyiGVrec


Student, Fitness & Wellness Instructor

"I worked out throughout high school, but once I came to college I was suddenly terrified to go to the Rec Center. Once I finally went, I stumbled across the group exercise classes and became hooked. The classes and the instructors motivated me and made me feel at home at the REC; so much so that I pursued becoming an instructor myself. The people here are all like minded, and I've made some life long friends, while significantly boosting my confidence in the past three years. It really comes down to the people who make the REC such a great environment to work and play in."

Connor Montgomery

Student, Clinical Exercise Technician

"Campus Recreation has given me the opportunity to pursue my passions as a member of Grand Valley's community and as a professional. My time as a student was improved with regular physical activity thanks to the Rec's gym, opportunities to play intramural sports, and use of other services, such as the Injury Care Clinic! Getting to be physically active in a welcoming environment allowed me to be comfortable in a new setting in my first years at Grand Valley. As a staff member, GVSU Recreation gave me the opportunity to have some of my first professional experiences with the UFit program and working in Fitness and Wellness. My participation in Campus Rec has only improved my overall experience at GVSU, and helped build better bonds with my friends and the community!"

Connor Montgomery #whyiGVrec


Student, Competitive Sports Supervisor

"I would not be the person I am today without Campus Recreation. As a participant and staff member, Campus Rec has pushed me out of my comfort zone, connected me with community, introduced me to lifelong friends, opened doors of opportunity, and has given me a fun and memorable Laker experience. Campus Rec has allowed me to maximize my potential and has prepared me to live a life of overall wellness. That's why I REC. Why do you REC?"


Karlee Tykosky #whyiGVrec

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