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It is important to have both a healthy mind and body. The Fitness and Wellness Center has a FREE UFit Program for students that will assist individuals in discussing their wellness goals, current health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle status.  

  • Free for Students
  • $25 for Non-Students

Program Includes:

  • Initial interview with goal setting 
  • Optional fitness testing
  • Wellness, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular program
  • Goal and progress checks


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How do I get ready for my first UFit appointment?

  1. ← ← Review Wellness Checklist. The seven dimensions of wellness will allow you to determine which aspects in your life may need to be reviewed. 
  2. Schedule your appointment by calling the Fitness and Wellness Center at 616-331-3659 or emailing us at rec@gvsu.edu.
  3. Complete the Pre-Intake Form and bring it with you to your initial appointment. 

Pretest recommendations for most accurate results:

  • Do not do any strenuous activity the day of or before the test.
  • Get 6-8 hours of rest the night before the test.
  • If taking any medications, check with your Health Care Provider to discuss possible reactions to exercise and proper dosage during testing procedures.
  • Remember to eat a balanced breakfast/lunch the day of the test (excluding caffeine and tobacco 2-3 hours and alcohol 8-12 hours prior to testing).

Additional Services

For additional services, visit the Fitness and Wellness Center HERE!

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