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Telling your story is powerful - to us, to others, and to you. Plus, it's widely known that recreation has its benefits and is important to student success and overall well-being, and we'd love to know what that means to you (or how we've helped you achieve that)! 

We want to promote, encourage, and motivate you to keep moving through testimonials and stories about why Recreation & Wellness has impacted them and how it has made a lasting impression. 

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Success Stories

Brandie Tenney

"I have found that by working out regularly and staying active, I am more able to keep up with my kids. The more I incorporate exercise into my daily routine the better I feel overall!"

Malia Childress

"Going to the gym has become a lifestyle for me. Surrounding myself with positive people that push me to work hard is my key to success. I participate in Campus Rec programs and services because I enjoy working out and feeling like I've accomplished...

Marie Schneider

Never settle nor underestimate yourself!! Your job that you have now may seem insignificant, but there are lessons to be learned around you every day.  Pay attention to the people you interact with, both the customers and your teammates. 

Riley Burgess

"I participate in IM sports in order to stay connected with my friends from freshman year! As we've gotten older, we've all gotten more involved in other organizations or within our major, and this allows us to see each other once a week. It's...

Rosalie Galloway

"As an adult returning student, I am so grateful for the support of the Bike Shop to handle my blown out front tube. Joe took care of my bike and got me rolling again before my next class..." 

JaJuan Collins

"The Campus Rec privileges I have received this year has been great to me! I have been able to stay active after work and continue working on my physical and mental health. Plus, it's just FUN. I have met some cool people in the Rec Center that..."

Sam Shamburg

"Recreation and Wellness has helped me become more involved in the GVSU community. When I'm in group ex classes, I know that nobody there is judging me if I have to modify an exercise or two, or if I'm not doing something perfectly. We're all there to..."

Nicole Gustin

"Nursing is not an easy profession, staying engaged in recreational activities not only helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also is a great stress reliever. As a student nurse, it is important to engage in physical activity and promote a...

Tess Swastek

"For the past 5 years, I have made the most amazing friends, found my career path, learned I loved things I never thought I would, had the best jobs, realized how impactful wellness is, learned how to support my physical and mental health, and have had...

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