Telling your story is powerful - to us, to others, and to you. Plus, it's widely known that recreation has its benefits and is important to student success and overall well-being, and we'd love to know what that means to you (or how we've helped you achieve that)! 

We want to promote, encourage, and motivate you to keep moving through testimonials and stories about why Recreation & Wellness has impacted them and how it has made a lasting impression. 

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Participant Stories

Robert Zinger

I love the variety of services that Campus Recreation offers, including several wellness campaigns throughout the year. I can work those campaigns into the programming my staff and I offer to our students, which means we get to learn together and keep..."

Caitlin Bomay

"I participate because I love the sense of belonging and getting better always. The walks are my favorite, something so little and simple but gives me something to do! It has made my experience so much better! I have met so many awesome and welcoming..."

Deon Evans

"My time with Campus Rec has been amazing. For one, it allowed me to rekindle my passion for massage therapy and has increased my interest in pursuing a side career in it. I have also met a lot of great people...

Angie Cena

"Campus Recreation provided me with a way to stay active throughout college while also having fun. Whether it was attending Zumba after class, or playing Intramural Soccer with my friends at night under the lights on the turf field. My best memories...

Susan Sigler

"My family and myself motivative me to be well and stay healthy. It just feels good to be active and healthy, physically and emotionally. And I guess I can truly say healthy habits are for the good of humanity right now...practicing good hygiene..."

Nicole Andriot

"Coming into college as a freshmen is kind of terrifying about the beginning. But with Campus Rec it allows you to try many different things that you never would have thought and allows you to find something you love and can help make the transition..

Kaitlyn Allison

"I have been working at GVSU Recreation for 2.5 years now as the senior designer, and it has been a wonderful experience. Not only have I furthered my knowledge in design and marketing, but I have also had the privilege of becoming a part of a...

Julia Rauch

"I worked out throughout high school, but once I came to college I was suddenly terrified to go to the Rec Center. Once I finally went, I stumbled across the group exercise classes and became hooked....

Monica Johnstone

Rec and Wellness really makes my fitness program practical, and having Rec and Wellness resources and some flexibility from GVSU really keeps my strength training on track. My trainer has motivated me and looked out for my limitations with great...

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