Telling your story is powerful - to us, to others, and to you. Plus, it's widely known that recreation has its benefits and is important to student success and overall well-being, and we'd love to know what that means to you (or how we've helped you achieve that)! 

We want to promote, encourage, and motivate you to keep moving through testimonials and stories about why Recreation & Wellness has impacted them and how it has made a lasting impression. 

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Participant Stories

Mitch Eastlick Spotlight

Mitch Eastlick

"Officiating sports helps me to unplug from the world and focus on that moment or play. Whether I am on the field or in the rule book, I am only focused on what is in front of me. This helps me get better each time..."

Claire Piesiak Spotlight

Claire Piesiak

"I've always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. After deciding I wanted to attend GVSU during my junior year of high school, I knew I made the perfect choice before I even got there. When the first semester finally came around, I couldn't be any...

Joe Vugteveen Spotlight

Joe Vugteveen

"The main reason that I REC is for the health benefits. I just feel better throughout the day. It also gives me a chance to experience new things. I've never been able to swim very well but through the Adult Learn to Swim class I feel comfortable...

Katie Chmelik Spotlight

Katie Chmelik

"I have had a passion for fitness since high school. I love the feeling of accomplishment it gives me. As I've grown, fitness and running has become a source of self care and alone time, helps me manage my stress and anxiety, and helps me stay..."

Megan Dunlop Spotlight

Megan Dunlop

"I unplug to reconnect with nature, live in the moment, and remember what I'm grateful for."

Meagan Saxton Spotlight

Meagan Saxton

"When I was younger, I was active in sports, but I hated running. After college, I became bored with doing what I had always done: YouTube workout videos and using an elliptical. I started to run on the treadmill instead. I decided to challenge myself..."

Sabrina Sharif Spotlight

Sabrina Sharif

I actively pursue my wellness by making it a habit to reflect on what I am currently doing and what I need to add to increase my wellness. This involves watching videos, reading books and having conversations about my health and what my goals are to...

Janee Brewer Spotlight

Janee Brewer

"Would I recommend OA trips to someone else? Yes, heck yes! As soon as we got back we all wanted to go back. OA trips are the way to go; they're perfect for spring break. You can meet new people and see places you never have..."

Conrad Frank Spotlight

Conrad Frank

"A lot of my success with fitness was to reduce my stress levels and help with back/neck issues from high school sports. The expansion of the Rec Center after my freshman year really helped with crowding with free weights, so we didn't have to wait in..."

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