RecWell Student Advisory Board


The RecWell Student Advisory Board is a body of students who provide their thoughts and opinions about Recreation & Wellness's programs and services. 

Students will communicate these thoughts directly to the Director and staff of GVSU Recreation & Wellness. Its purpose is to involve students in the planning, organization and administration of RecWell programs and services providing an opportunity for student voices to be heard. The Board helps drive the mission and vision of the department, and the Board's perspectives help consider ways RecWell can better serve students

Students walking in the woods

Advisory Board Responsibilities

  • Provide a voice in shaping the direction of the Recreation & Wellness programs and services.
  • Explore how to make RecWell offerings more inclusive, equitable, and accessible for students.
  • Advise the RecWell staff of participant/user concerns and share your student experience.
  • Attend scheduled Advisory Board meetings.

How YOU benefit

  • Free group exercise pass, free IM sports pass, and free equipment rental from Outdoor Adventures.
  • Make a lasting impact on campus by helping to shape the direction of recreation and wellness programs and services.
  • Expand your communication skills as you provide thoughtful feedback.
  • Build your leadership and community service experience to grow your resume.

How WE benefit

  • Further our knowledge on students' experience and opinions of RecWell's programs and services including that of fitness, wellness, sports, outdoor adventures, and events
  • Plan with students to create services that are more specific to student needs 
  • Adapt ways in which RecWell plans, communicates, and delivers services to students 
  • Develop a more diverse and inclusive environment in collaboration with students
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Minimum commitment to the Student Advisory Board includes:

  • Members must actively participate in discussions and be willing to provide honest, thoughtful feedback and recommendations. 
  • Membership will consist of a Winter semester commitment.  

Composition & Selection Process

  • Any enrolled GVSU student may apply for membership (undergraduate or graduate).
  • Applicants do not need to be currently involved in Recreation & Wellness programs or services.
  • Members will adhere to the GVSU Student Code: The Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities and other policies set by the University. Violations of The Statement and/or other policies may result in review of membership and possible cancellation of membership
Students smiling in a tent

Page last modified February 16, 2023