RecWell Plans for Fall 2020

Recreation & Wellness will be suspending all in-person programs and activities through the duration of the Ottawa County Stay in Place Order. From September 17 through October 1, you can get involved, be active, and live healthy through our virtual offerings. More information on the Lakers Together website.

Fall 2020 Plans

We recognize the role that recreation and wellness programs play in promoting student well-being, inspiring a sense of community, and encouraging student development and learning. In Fall 2020, we will be using risk assessment tools to ensure that we can return to participation safely. We will adjust our program offerings to minimize transmission or contraction of COVID-19 while still promoting student engagement and fun. Our plans include:

  • Reducing risks for in-person programs and services and expanding virtual activities
  • Enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures
  • Additional education and training for staff and participants
  • Modified sport, fitness, and outdoor offerings based on national and state guidelines and recommendations

RecWell is planning based on the University's COVID-19 Continuum Event Matrix
Visit the Lakers Together website for more information. 

Many Recreation & Wellness programs and services that we are planning for Fall will be able to be delivered both in person and remotely. Examples of this will be our Group Exercise classes, our training services, wellness workshops, incentive programs, virtual competitions and outdoor skill workshops. Based on the university and state guidelines for reducing risk and promoting safe environments, some of our sport programming will be determined as we get updated information on in person competitions for the fall semester.

Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for our participants and our staff.

Costs may be adjusting for some Recreation & Wellness programs and services for this upcoming academic year. However, we will be planning for a seamless delivery model so that for example, if you are signing up for a group exercise semester pass, you will have access to the same class formats both in person and virtually. Participants will know exactly what they will get for the cost and won’t lose anything if we transition to remote learning.   

Recreation & Wellness will be following the recommended guidelines by the CDC, and State of Michigan to help reduce risks. Social distancing, encouraging hand washing and use of hand sanitizer, along with increased cleaning procedures are just some of the things that we will be implementing. We will also be encouraging use of PPE’s where appropriate and reducing capacities in some of our spaces.

Yes, we are recruiting for some student staff positions for 2020-2021. Recreation and Wellness will aim to continue to provide a variety of student employment opportunities. Some of our fall programming is still evolving and this may impact the types of positions that we have available.

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Program Area Plans

Fitness & Wellness

  • Reduced class capacities based on classroom size 
  • Primarily blended learning and provisional formats 

Visit for additional details.  


All Fitness schedules are dependent on university schedule changes. There will be NO in-person classes or instruction if the university is fully remote. 

Fall 2020 Group Fitness will be split into two sessions: 

  • Session 1 : Aug. 31 - Oct. 23 
  • Session 2: Oct. 26 - Nov. 25 


Schedule will be a combination of both in-person and virtual classes.


    • In-person classes will be 40 minutes long to allow for cleaning and reduced time in spaces for participants. 
    • An RSVP in advance will be required to attend in-person classes. 
    • Check-in systems will be hands-free and participants will be asked to complete a self-assessment prior to coming to campus. 


    • Hosted online via Zoom, Facebook live, or Mindbody 
    • We encourage participants to download the Mindbody app. 

    Visit for additional details. 



    • SGT will take place at the south complex (outdoor track area), with a participant limit of 8-10 people per class. 
    • Limited equipment will be available and there will be no sharing of equipment. 

    Visit for additional details. 



    • At this time, there will be no group format Heavy Bag Kickboxing during Session 1. 
    • There is an option to participate in one-on-one heavy bag kickboxing training, or virtual group exercise cardio kickboxing. 

    Visit our website for additional details. 

    When we reopen the Injury Care Clinic (ICC), there will be limited services available. 

    Open by appointment only, scheduled with Metro U-M Epic:

    • Online scheduling through MyChart. 
    • Limited number of people allowed in the ICC.
    • We will require a self-assessment prior to coming to campus. 
    • Providers will be taking temperatures prior to being seen.  

    Patron guidelines: 

    • Face coverings required 
    • Patrons are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before/ after services, wash hands frequently
    • Cover cough or sneezes 
    • Please stay home if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, contact your health care provider 
    • Maintain a minimum 6-ft distance from others
    • No towels

    Visit for additional details. 

    We have the ability to tailor to your training needs virtually and we encourage you to download the apps Trainerize and Mindbody so we can connect with you! 

    Services still being offered: 

    • UFit 
    • Consultations 
    • Personal Training sessions 
    • Wellness Coaching (coming soon!) 

    An online schedule will be used for appointments both virtually and in-person. 

    In-person appointments: 

    • There will be a limit on the number of staff and clients in the Fitness & Wellness office. 
    • We currently have plexiglass installed for your safety. Face coverings will be required. 

    Please see to learn more about UFit & Personal Training. 

    We will still be accepting Service Requests. Please be flexible and patient with us as we figure out a way to fulfill your request while adhering to guidelines and safety policies provided by the University and CDC in regards to COVID-19. 


    We will be utilizing classrooms that are set up for 6ft distancing and encouraging virtual programs and education. We hope to utilize our outdoor resources for outreach and education where possible. 

    Visit or Peer Ed Workshops for additional details. 


    • Face covering required for all fitness activities, required for services. Please refer to GV face covering policy 
    • Maintain 10 feet social distancing during classes, and at a minimum 6 feet during services 
    • Participants must complete self-assessment prior to coming to campus 
    • If participants are experiencing symptoms, they will not be allowed to participate 
    • Participants will be expected to clean equipment before and after use 

    Your safety and wellbeing is a high priority for us. Here are some additional ways we are keeping you safe: 

    • All check-in processes will be hands-free. 
    • Reduced class capacities 
    • Cleaning equipment before and after use 
    • Creating an environment where a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing is possible 
    • No sharing equipment, encouraging participants to bring their own 
    • Access to virtual classes and services where applicable 

    Outdoor Adventures

    The safety of our staff and visitors are of the utmost importance. While this has always been true, COVID-19 has created unique challenges for the Climbing Center. Unlike traditional fitness facilities/equipment, there are touch points that cannot be cleaned and sanitized between each use (e.g. rocks/ grips). Our continued operation relies heavily on everyone’s detailed attention to great hygiene practices and cooperation with the standards outlined below. For everyone’s safety & continued enjoyment of the Climbing Center, we have implemented the following protocols & expectations specific to the Climbing Center:

    • OPEN CLIMBING will resume as soon as it is deemed appropriate for fitness facilities to re-open.
      • Climbing will be conducted by reservation only in order to avoid exceeding the established room capacity. 
      • Reservations will be available through the IM Leagues platform and are only available to GVSU students, faculty & staff
      • Participants will be allowed to reserve up to 1, 90-minute blocks per day of open climb. 
      • Fees for faculty and staff to climb have been removed.
    • VISITORS are expected to wash or sanitize their hands upon entry/ exit and periodically between climbs.
      • Seating has been intentionally spaced to 6' distances. Please do not move them around. 
      • Climbers should maintain a 10' distance from one another while climbing. A 6' distance while on the ground is acceptable. Routes have been intentionally set to minimize on-wall conflicts. Please be mindful of other climbers and use your best judgement.
    • FOOD is not allowed to be consumed at the Climbing Center. We ask that visitors plan to eat before or after their visit. Water bottles are okay.
    • FACE COVERINGS are required to be worn by all visitors for the extent of their stay, including while on the wall.
      • A disposable mask may be available at the recreation center check-in desk. 
      • Students with medical conditions that prevent wearing of a face covering must request an accommodation from Disability Support Resources prior to visiting. 
    • Except for climbing chalk, RENTAL EQUIPMENT will remain available and will be sanitized after use.
      • Participants who have their own climbing equipment are asked to not share it with visitors outside their household. 
      • When finished, participants will be asked to place all rental equipment in the marked receptacle before leaving.
    • LEAD CLIMBERS will be expected to wipe down the quickdraws on their final descent from each climb.
    • In the even that gyms & recreation centers are not open when WORKSHOPS are scheduled to begin, they will be held at alternate locations outdoors or virtually, as practical. Workshops that cannot realistically be taught outside of the Climbing Center will be canceled. 
      • Workshops likely to have adjusted format/ location: Gear & Planning, Knots, Anchors, Climb Management, Top Managed Systems
      • Workshops likely to cancel: Indoor Lead, CWI, Self-Rescue
    • The participant check-in process is now contactless between the visitor & staff. 
      • Stickers indicating appropriate distancing between visitors has been added to the space leading up to the check-in desk. 
    • Plexiglass barriers have been placed on the counter tops of the check-in desk. 
    • Technical climbing instruction is being transitioned to an online or hybrid online/ in-person format to the extent practical. 

    High touch areas 

    • Rental equipment will be disinfected between blocks of climbers. 
    • A 30 minute block of time is built-in between groups of climbers to allow staff to clean high touch areas such as the desk and seating. 
    • To improve ease of attaching the climber to a rope, checking the climber’s attachment from an appropriate distance & minimizing difficult to clean touch points, a 2-carabiner attachment has been implemented. 
      • This procedure has been approved by Petzl for top-rope climbing only. The 2 locking carabiners will be cleaned between blocks of climbers. 
    • The climbing holds and wall have had a long-lasting anti-microbial product applied.  

    Maintaining a safe distance 

    • The capacity of room 170C (Climbing Center side) has been adjusted to a maximum of 16 people (14 participants + 2 staff). 
    • The number of available ropes has been adjusted and routes have been strategically reset with intentional climbing lanes in mind. 
    • Seating has been adjusted to allow a minimum of 6’ distance between each.
      • Participants are asked to refrain from moving them to different locations. 
    • Belay lessons for groups of 2+ will be taught at an alternate location in order to allow appropriate distancing to be maintained during instruction.  
    • Belay checks have a modified staff backup procedure to allow staff to maintain a 6’+ distance during testing. 

    OA will not have the resources to continue their previous bike services.

    1. OA has suspended the used bike rental program. The current inventory of bikes has been donated to the GVSU Surplus Store in Standale to be sold. Students in need of a cost effective option for bicycles are encouraged to visit the Surplus Store. Students can visit the Outdoor Adventures page for bicycling to learn how to use the bus' bike racks.
    2. We are seeking opportunities to offer occasional maintenance times at the Bike Shop, there are currently no dates/ times scheduled for Fall 2020.


    Sports Programs

    Visit the Club Sports Return to Play webpage for updates on the Fall 2020 semester. 

    We will have IM Sports this fall. Check out our Fall 2020 schedule.

    For Fall 2020, all IM Sports programs will be FREE for students!

    Intramural Sports Participant Safety Guidelines 

    Special Events

    RecFest 2020 

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

    This year, we're offering ways to connect with Recreation & Wellness and Club Sports virtually! On Sunday, September 13 between 4-7 p.m., head to LakerLink and use the new virtual fair tool to meet us! Participating in Recreation & Wellness or joining a Club Sport is a great way to expand your network while providing opportunities for social engagement!

    Visit our website for details on how it works, the schedule, and registration information. 

    RecFest logo

    2020 #GVLakerStrong Virtual 5K

    SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2020

    This event welcomes people of all ages and abilities – walkers, beginning runners, competitive runners, children, stroller-pushing parents, and everyone in between. Whether you’re trying to beat your personal best time, getting your kids off the couch, or adding a new challenge to your exercise program, the 2020 #GVLakerStrong 5K makes it fun and helps Lakers stay connected!

    For the health and safety of our community, the 2020 #GVLakerStrong 5K has switched to a virtual event. You can walk, jog, run or crawl your favorite 5K (3.1 mile) route between September 18-20. 

    2020 #GVLakerStrong Daily Activity Challenge

    SEPTEMBER 8 - OCTOBER 23, 2020

    We know that you’re strong, and we know that you can be LakerStrong: Anywhere. That’s why we challenge you to 30 minutes of physical activity each day. 

    • Challenge to track your workouts wherever you are!
    • Use the hashtag #GVLakerStrong to post your workouts. 

    Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

    First hunt: AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 27

    For these unique hunts, we've hidden a variety of QR codes around the Allendale campus. Each code leads you to online content that we put together pertaining to a (usually) outdoor theme.

    • The hunt is designed to be done in a sequential order where the next location will only be given to you in the content for the previous. 
    • Our intent is to update the course with new locations & new themes every couple weeks for your continued enjoyment. Must register for each individual hunt.