Winter Bike Storage

Only for GVSU students!

Although campus is very bike-able throughout the winter months, not every bike has the features to handle winter weather and not every person cares to bike in the cold, icy conditions.  Because an unused bike, left in the elements can cause significant and costly damage, Outdoor Adventures is offering a winter bike storage program for GVSU students that gets your bike inside through the harshest months.


$10 - Registered by Wednesday, November 20
$15 - Registered by Friday, December 6

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The snowplow may not care about your bike...
The snowplow may not care about your bike...

Plowed Bike

...But we do!
...But we do!

Bikes in Storage

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  • Participants are expected to drop-off their bike during final exam week. 
    • Participants must schedule a drop-off date & block of time during registration, available in 1 hour blocks from 12pm - 6pm, Tuesday through Friday during this week.
  • Bikes are expected to remain in storage until the release dates of Monday, March 16, 2020. 
    • Students will be able to schedule a pickup based on a variety of available dates/times.  
    • Pickups outside of the established dates will subject to a $5 early/late removal fee.
    • Once a bike has left storage, it will not be allowed back into storage.
    • Bikes that are still in storage at the end of the semester will be turned over to Public Safety as abandoned property.
  • Bikes will be stored in the Grand Valley Apartment area on the south side of campus, NOT at the Ravine Center. Final details will be sent upon registration.