Climbing Center

Who Can Climb at GVSU?

Open Climbing hours are currently only available to GVSU students, faculty and staff through the Fall 2020 Semester.

Open Climbing hours will be available by RESERVATION ONLY.  Reservations will be available via IM Leagues in 90 minute blocks. GVSU students, faculty & staff may reserve up to 1 block per day. Reservations will be available up to 1 week in advance. Faculty & Staff who have not used IM Leagues before will need to email Joe Bitely at prior to setting up an IM Leagues account and reserving climb time.

For additional information on our return to climbing this Fall, please see our Fall 2020 Plans.

New This Semester!

GVSU Group Climb Option

Since everything is by reservation already, we've decided to offer you and your GVSU organization (student group or department) a FREE private climbing event together during any of our regularly scheduled climb times. Whether it's for team building, fitness/ exercise, celebrating a job well-done, or just for fun, climbing together will be a memorable event. Due to occupancy limitations, we only allow up to 14 visitors in the room at any given time but are happy to work with you on splitting the time in order to allow more people the opportunity to participate, if needed. In order to make the most of these climb times, we ask that any organization requesting a private event strive to have as close to 14 participants as possible and consider combining with another small group if needed. Small groups or groups of friends are always welcome to coordinate reservations and climb together during any of the "open climb" times if a private event is not needed. 

For more information, please visit our page for Private Events.

Climbing Center


All climbers must check-in before getting on the wall.

Check-in includes:

  1. Checking that you have a reservation and current waiver on-file
  2. A brief overview of our rules & expectations (first visit only)
  3. Rental gear distribution & adjustment (with instruction as-needed)

*Participants under 18 years of age are required to have their waiver signed by their Parent or Legal Guardian. Older siblings, relatives, or baby sitters do not qualify as legal guardians.

Your First Climbs

During our Open Climb times, our staff are at your service.  We are happy to recommend a few good climbs, handle your ropes (belay) & and answer any questions you might have. 

New to climbing?
You will have the opportunity to participate in 2 styles of climbing:

  • Bouldering - Climbing low to the ground (10' - 12') without the use of all the technical gear (ropes, harnesses, belay devices, etc...).
  • Top Roping - Ascending the wall with the protection of a rope that is redirected through an anchor at the top of the wall and controlled by a qualified individual at the bottom (the belayer).

Experienced climber? 
We also offer a variety of Sport climbs (safety check required).  Rope and quickdraws are provided.  

Belaying your friends
All participants who have been trained to belay but have not belayed in our facility before must pass a brief safety check with one of our staff before belaying. 

Technical Lessons

For the safety of all of the participants, only Climbing Center staff may instruct technical lessons. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all portion of knots & belaying.

A variety of technical lessons and workshops are offered each semester. The frequency that each is offered varies based on the content and desire of the students. Check out our Technical Skills page for typical offerings

Where to Find Us

The Climbing Center is located in Fieldhouse B170.  Entering the building at the Recreation Center's Welcome Desk B.  Turn right to enter the Fieldhouse (left takes you into the Recreation Center).  Stay right when the hallway splits. The Climbing Center will be the first set of doors on the left.

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