Bike Maintenance

Self-Service Maintenance

The Bike Shop holds regular hours for self-service bike maintenance and assorted bike parts sales. During our open hours, the GVSU community is welcome to utilize our tools & stands for your bike's maintenance needs. An apprentice or shop mechanic will be on-hand & will be able to guide you through most maintenance tasks if you need assistance.

We are working towards being able to provide for-pay maintenance as well. Our mechanics are not yet able do the work for you but are happy to guide you through the process of completing most tasks yourself.

Self-Service Guidelines

Hours of Self-Service Maintenance

Bike Shop

Parts and Repairs

These services are only available to GVSU students, faculty, & staff.  If you have your own bike on campus, the Bike Shop now has basic parts for sale.  

We are still finalizing details regarding a for-pay maintenance service which we hope to be offering in the near future. This will include tube and tire patching or replacement, chain, tire, saddle, shifter and brake adjustments and replacements.

Our supply of parts include common items:

  • Brake Pads
  • Cables & Housing
  • Chains
  • Tubes
  • Tires
  • Grips & Tape

The Bike Shop does not accept credit cards.  Payments may only be made by Cash, Check, or Student Account.

Parts Pic

Rental Bike Maintenance

If you experience mechanical issues with your GVSU rental bike or it simply isn't riding as smoothly as you feel it should, feel free to stop by the Bike Shop during any of our scheduled hours of operation. Our trained mechanics are happy get your bike riding smoothly again as soon as possible.

If you are unable to get your rental bike to the Shop office due to the severity of the issue, contact the Bike Shop with the following information: your name, a detailed description of what is wrong, & where your bike is located. We will dispatch a mechanic as soon as possible to assess extent of the issue and get your bike rolling again. If repairs cannot be made in a timely manner, a different rental bike will be offered, if available, until the work is completed.

Rental Bike

When the Bike Shop is Closed

The Allendale & Pew Campuses have a variety of amenities to support your biking needs when our shop is closed!

  • Allendale Campus Dero Fixit Station - At the covered bike rack between Stafford & Swanson Living Centers. Each station contains basic tools, repair stand, air pump, & QR code that will open a series of instructional maintenance videos on your phone!
  • Pew Campus Dero Fixit Stations - Each station contains basic tools, repair stand, air pump, & QR code that will open a series of instructional maintenance videos on your phone!
  • Compressed Air - The Connection (east side) & South Utilities Building (north side).  Pressure up to 80 psi. Not Presta valve compatible.
  • Showers - Located inside the Recreation Center

Bike shop location