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What To Eat? 4 Week Seminar

Brand New This Year! Introducing the 4 week seminar that will change your life for the better! Starting on January 26th, and every Tuesday through February 16th we will be discussing the challenges that college students have when it comes to eating healthy on campus. As we all know college students are always on the go and it is hard to eat healthy. We are going to change that. SO come join us for 4 weeks for just an hour and 30 minutes. This is for LIB 100 CREDIT! This seminar will be a great investment for your life here and after. 

Workshop Schedule

Jan 26th:  Why Mindfulness and Mindful Eating?   And…..The Basics of a Healthy Pattern of Eating.   

Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Eating.  Become knowledgeable of the basics of a healthy pattern of eating and strategies to get the nutrition your body wants while being a busy college student.

Feb 2nd: The Five S’s of Mindful Eating.

Practice the steps to develop mindful eating skills to increase your awareness of how, what, when and why you eat? 

Feb 9th:  Take Good Care of Yourself

Many aspects of a busy college life can make one vulnerable to mindless eating; cafeteria/restaurant dining, time, stress, finances, and poor sleep to name a few. Learn tips and practical strategies to be mindful and take good care of your mind and body every day and during cram week.

Feb 16th:  Stop the Food Fight

Food and Feelings:  Increase your awareness of what emotions and situations trigger non-hunger eating and begin to explore ways to soothe yourself without food.  

Workshop Information

Workshop Facilitator:  Lori Schermers, RD, Certified Wellcoach®, Campus Recreation Dietitian

Register Here  (Before Jan 23rd)

Cost: $20.00 (Financial assistance available.)

Additional questions, workshop information, financial assistance, please contact: Lori Schermers at


Registered Dietitian

Our registered dietitian is able to assist you in addressing specific issues related to:

  • Healthy eating strategies
  • Weight management
  • How to eat healthy on campus
  • Special dietary concerns
  • Heart healthy eating strategies
  • Disease management and prevention
  • Eating disorder screenings and consultation are also available


Appointment Pricing

Student           $15 for 3 Appointments          

Non-Student    $25 for 3 Appointments   

To see a registered dietitian, an appointment is necessary.

  • Our individualized nutrition counseling services guide clients towards eating and moving in a flexible manner that values the pleasure of eating as well as honors internal cues of hunger and satiety.
  • Our dietitian assists clients in adopting healthy behaviors for the sake of health and well being rather than achieving a specific weight.
  • Clients learn tools and strategies that empower them to make positive changes that build self trust and equip them to make health-wise decisions in any situation.

Making an Appointment

Please contact the Fitness and Wellness Center either by phone: 616-331-3659 or e-mail:

The Fitness and Wellness Center is located in the Lower Level of Campus Recreation next to the basketball courts.



Appointment cancellations must be made 24-hrs in advance. Individuals who fail to observe this policy will be assessed a cancellation fee.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact the Wellness Center at (616) 331-3659.




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Additional Services

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