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Nicole Andriot

Nicole Andriot

GVSU Student

"Coming into college as a freshmen is kind of terrifying about the beginning. But with Campus Rec it allows you to try many different things that you never would have thought and allows you to find something you love and can help make the transition easier. That's what it did for me, being to participate in Intramural Sports or go to group exercise classes allows you to meet all different types of people and form new connections which is what college is all about. I participate in Campus Rec programs because exercise is a way to relieve my stress and to take my mind off school. Everyone in college is always stressing about classes and homework but you need to the right balance of stress and using the Campus Rec programs or services help me achieve that. Being involved with Campus Rec has allowed me to feel more at home and create new friendships through intramural sports that I would have never gained." 

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