GVSU Recreation Success Stories


Andy Beachnau

"I have completed seven 25K races at the Fifth River Bank Run in my lifetime! I was also an Intramural Sports Official as an undergraduate, and this experience changed my personal and professional life. I participate in Campus Rec programs and..."

Joe Bitely

"In my teens & twenties, I was active but definitely wasn't the poster child for good habits. Now that I'm in my 30's, I'm learning that doing things like skipping a warm-up, not stretching, or doing too much too soon have more severe consequences..."

Allie Goeddeke

"As a student, the Group Exercise classes through Campus Recreation at GVSU really allowed me to discover a way of exercising that was fun for me. I have always struggled with the motivation to drag myself to the gym. However, through a variety of..."

Casey Moomey

"I overcame a weight loss of 100 lbs. In 2008 when I started working at GVSU, I started using the Rec Center to maintain my weight loss and continue my fitness journey. It's been 12 years keeping my weight off and I visit the Rec Center 6 days a week..."

Tess Swastek

"For the past 5 years, I have made the most amazing friends, found my career path, learned I loved things I never thought I would, had the best jobs, realized how impactful wellness is, learned how to support my physical and mental health, and have had...

Angie Cena

"Campus Recreation provided me with a way to stay active throughout college while also having fun. Whether it was attending Zumba after class, or playing Intramural Soccer with my friends at night under the lights on the turf field. My best memories...

Karmen Johnson

"Working with Campus Recreation has allowed me to meet many new people and gain experience in networking. I also enjoy participating in group exercise classes to help me to maintain accountability and stay motivated. Campus Rec has allowed me to grow...

Hailey Baltosser

"Prior to coming to college I was never consistent with working out, I always relied on cheerleading to keep me in shape. Once I got to GV I quit cheer and needed a new outlet and the rec center did just that for me. It has allowed me to live a...

Nicole Gustin

"Nursing is not an easy profession, staying engaged in recreational activities not only helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also is a great stress reliever. As a student nurse, it is important to engage in physical activity and promote a...

Jacob Gipe

"My success story is simple. I participate in as much as I can at Grand Valley, specifically Campus Rec. I never want to wish I had done something. So I do it instead! I participate in Campus Recreation programs, like Intramural Sports, because they...

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