Unplugged Stories


Alex Sixt

"I unplug by turning off my phone and computer to let myself go outside and enjoy our natural spaces...."

Katie Jourdan

I unplug to recharge and refresh. Scrolling through my phone bogs me down mentally (and most..."

Camille Curtis

"I unplug on the weekends to be more present and enjoy my time off and spend it with friends, family, and..."

Katie Burdick

"I unplug to spend quality time with the people I love. I want to enjoy the simple joys in life without feeling the need..."

Karlee Brower

"I unplug to better focus on my school work, as I am able to better focus and get homework and..."

Bri Slager

"I unplug to rebalance everything in my life. When everything becomes too much and I'm..."

Abby Cooper

"I unplug to experience life without the glare of a screen!"

Hien Nguyen

"You cannot pour water from an empty cup. I unplug to check in with myself, and leave spaces..."

Kit Toenniges

"I unplug by always keeping my phone on silent so I am not distracted every time it dings or..."

Shane Street

Spending less time on social media has helped me become more efficient and overall happier..."

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