GVSU Student Earns National Award in Sports Officiating

January 20, 2020

Rec&Well student employee recognized for his work as a flag football official.

Staff Member Travels to Australia

December 6, 2019

With assistance from a Faculty Staff Exchange Grant through Padnos International Center, Kayla Cupples, Assistant Director of Marketing for Recreation & Wellness, traveled to Australia in October/November 2019. She spent nearly two full weeks...

Vaping & E-cigarettes- Get the Facts

October 4, 2019

Learn the facts about e-cigs and vapes. Protect yourself and your friends. Learn about a free program to quit e-cigs through text messages.

Campus Recreation named Recreation & Wellness

October 1, 2019

As of September 2019, the department of Campus Recreation will be known as the department of Recreation & Wellness. This distinction better showcases the strong commitment to student wellness that the department represents...

Why You Should Buy A Group Exercise Pass

January 17, 2019

"As a two-year Group Exercise participant, I can't figure out why you would NOT want to take advantage of the student benefits at GVSU. I am far from being athletic, but joining classes has changed..."

"Unplugged" campaign encourages mindful usage of technology

October 8, 2018

Grand Valley State University Campus Recreation team members are logging out of their social media accounts, checking their emails less and spending more time with others, and they're encouraging others to do the same...

Unplug with Campus Rec! Oct 1-13

September 19, 2018

Campus Recreation is logging off the next two weeks to prove just how serious they are about the importance of spending time with each other, getting involved, being active, and living healthy. Beginning Oct 1, Campus Recreation is giving students a...

REC Students and Staff Help New Lakers Move On Campus

August 22, 2018

Professional and student staff from Campus Recreation continued their partnership with GVSU Housing to help students move onto campus on August 22, 2018. �It is an annual tradition for us to welcome new students into the Grand Valley family."

Previous Outdoor Adventures staff raises funds, crosses Lake Michigan on paddleboard

August 21, 2018

Two Grand Valley alumni crossed Lake Michigan on stand-up paddleboards to raise money and awareness for the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership, one of which was a former staff member for the Outdoor Adventures program through GVSU Campus Recreation.

GVSU Campus Recreation Releases 2017-18 Annual Report

August 10, 2018

Highlighted by its commitment to inclusion and wellness, Campus Recreation has released its 2017-18 Annual Report. The 23-page report informs students, staff and alumni about the programming and student development facilitated by the department.

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