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Mission & Vision

About Us

Campus Recreation is part of the Division of Student Services at GVSU. Our offices are located in the Recreation Center on the Allendale campus. Our staff consists of four full-time professionals, two graduate assistants, and approximately 150 undergraduate staff members. 


Enhance and engage the GVSU community by providing inclusive and diverse recreational opportunities that inspire participation, promote health and wellbeing, and encourage student development and success.


Campus Recreation aspires to be a leader who integrally contributes to student success through comprehensive and quality recreational services and programs that further wellbeing and community.



We believe in building positive and mutual relationships with the university and surrounding community, including campus organizations, and departments.

Diversity & Inclusion 

We aim to be committed and welcoming to a culture of inclusion, in which we provide recreational programs and services that are accessible and adaptive to the community. We strive to share a diverse array of ideas, opportunities, and experiences.

Healthy Lifestyle 

We aim to offer opportunities for students and the university community to be actively engaged and educated to lead a balanced lifestyle that will enhance their wellbeing.


We believe in offering quality and innovative recreational and competitive programs and services that are inclusive, support health, wellbeing and have a positive impact on the University and surrounding community. 

Student Learning & Development

We believe in providing opportunities that complement the co-curricular learning experience in order to assist in the students' intellectual, personal, and professional development.  We believe individuals learn best and engage most when having fun in a safe environment.


We believe in promoting awareness and being responsible through sustainable efforts in our environment, ourselves, and our resources.



Strengthen our Collaborative Relationships   Continue a culture of collaboration with campus partners.  Strengthen our collaborative relationships through intentional co-curricular experiences that enhance programs and services, and further develop students

Embrace Change Create a climate of teamwork, collaboration, and service to the GVSU community that embraces change within our department. 

Facility Needs Continue to be instrumental and a key player in the Recreation Center addition project planning.  Further develop ways to effectively use the facilities we have more efficiently, including our office spaces, and program spaces.

Campus Identity Campus Recreation will be a recognizable leader at GVSU for providing recreational programs and services that promote a healthy lifestyle, an inclusive community, and student development.

Inclusiveness Provide programs and services that create an inclusive environment for all participants and staff.  Intentionally seek opportunities to welcome new participants. 

Assessment  Assessment by Campus Recreation will be a continuous process used by the department to evaluate the degree to which programs and services meet departmental objectives and those within Student Services. 

Academic Success and Staff Development  Continue Campus Recreation student opportunities that enhance learning and professional development.

Fiscal Responsibility and Human Resources  Campus Recreation will continue to manage our resources responsibility and continue to advocate for assistance to help fund the growing demand for recreational services, programs, and staff.