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Officials Club

The intramural officials club is made up of student officials representing the different sports. The intramural graduate assistant serves as the club’s president during the second year of their graduate assistantship. An undergraduate student will be elected into this role during the graduate assistant’s first year. This club is designed foremost to recognize all officials of GVSU Intramural Sports. All officials are automatically members. It serves as a forum for interaction between officials of various sports that take place throughout the school year. Further, the purpose of the club is to increase the quality of sports officiating and to provide additional opportunities for the students. The club meets at least one time each semester and shall conduct at least 1 fund-raiser each semester. The funds raised shall benefit the progression of GVSU intramural officials and the club’s designated charity of the “Officials for Kids” program of the Helen DeVos Children’s hospital. The Executive Board of the club consists of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and 2 officials’ representatives. Elections shall be done electronically during the Winter semester and announced at the club’s meeting in April. Individual officials are recognized at club meetings and provided with awards.

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