Intramural Sports Schedule

Fall 2019

Registration Deadlines

Fall 2019 registration will open on August 19. The registration deadlines listed for each sport is the date that teams must have the minimum number of participants on their roster for that sport. All participants must purchase an IM Sports Pass and register on IM Leagues before playing.  Click on a specific sport below for more information about league dates, structure and rules. 

Intramural sports games are typically played between 6pm-12am Sunday-Thursday.

All participants will need to purchase an IM Sports pass to participate. Fall and Winter Semester passes are $15 to play on one team in one sport and $30 to play on two teams in all sports. Passes must be purchased online through IMLeagues. Click Pass Information to learn more about IM Sports Passes. Click IM Leagues  to register and purchase a pass. 

Page last modified June 13, 2019