Intramural Sports Participant Safety - COVID-19

IM Sports Safety Guidelines

  • Face coverings will be required during all intramural sports in-person events. Please see the GVSU Face Coverings Policy for more information. 
  • Participants must complete the GVSU self-assessment prior to participating in intramural sports. If participants are experiencing symptoms, they will not be allowed to participate and should follow the guidance from the self-assessment. 
  • We will have a designated check in location for all of our in-person facilities. All participants much check in with a staff member before they are able to enter the playing areas. Please following any signage or staff direction when entering or exiting a facility. 
  • When standing in line to check in, please remember, "Lakers together, standing 6 feet apart!"
  • During check in, staff will require all participants to show an ID to check in. The staff won't touch your ID, so please hold it up so the staff can see it clearly. 
  • No fans will be allowed at IM Sports games this fall. Only people who are on the roster will be let into the facilities. 
  • In-person offerings for the fall will be limited to sports that minimize contact between participants. You can see our updated offerings on our schedule.
  • There is a limit on the number of people who can be on the roster for our sports this fall. This limit can be found on IMLeagues during registration. 
  • Additional time has been added between contests to limit the number of people in a facility at one time. We ask that people leave promptly after their game is finished. 
  • All intramural sports staff will be wearing masks. In addition, in sports where officials are required to use a whistle, we will be using electronic whistles.
  • Staff will be disinfecting and exchanging shared equipment throughout the night. 
  • Our staff will still be available to provide injury care to our participants, as well as answer questions throughout the night. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please email Mitch Eastlick at