Intramural Sports Housing Leagues

The purpose of Intramural Sports Housing Leagues is to provide an opportunity for on-campus residents to engage in sports with other members of the housing community. These leagues are for residents only. All of our housing leagues are "open leagues," meaning there are no gender composition requirements. Housing leagues help build teamwork and promote active engagement among residents.

If you want your community to play in a housing league, contact your Living Center Director, GA, or RA for more information on how to sign up a team. 

Entering Team Payment

For Living Center Directors, GAs, or RAs who need to register their interested community into a housing league. Contact Mitch Eastlick at 1-3818 or with questions. 

Payments for housing teams will not change for Winter 2018, even though general league payments have changed. Players on housing teams will be issued a housing pass that will allow them to join a housing team. Residents who also want to play on teams outside the housing league, will need to pay for a pass. 

Enter Team Payment




Page last modified April 26, 2018