Club Sport FAQ

Club Sport Officer Basics

This is a great start! Use this website as a resource for your club leaders and participants. If you have any questions or issues please contact the club sports office at [email protected].

Important names and contacts for your club:

General Club Sports E-mail: [email protected] and Department Phone: 616-331-1732

Michael Przydzial, Associate Director of Recreation & Wellness, 616-331-3212, [email protected]

Mitch Eastlick, Assistant Director of Recreation & Wellness, 616-331-3818, [email protected]

Bri Slager, Coordinator of Sports Programs, 616-331-9397, [email protected]

Jody Tenckinck, Office Coordinator, 616-331-1732, [email protected]

(Club Name) - Recreation & Wellness

Grand Valley State University

1 Campus Dr.

Allendale, MI  49401

All checks should be sent to the Recreation & Wellness office:

(Club Name) - Recreation & Wellness

Grand Valley State University

1 Campus Dr.

Allendale, MI  49401

Checks must be made out to Grand Valley State University with the club name in the memo line. Please let the office know to look for the check and then it will be deposited in the club’s on-campus bank account.

Six times in the academic school year, we hold Club Sport Council meetings in Kirkhof on Wednesdays. It is mandatory that each club sport is represented by two executive board members at each meeting. All policies and procedures are gone over along with workshops each month. These workshops cover everything from budgeting to leadership transitions. We will notify clubs the week of meetings and there is a make-up date available after each meeting.  

Club Sport Preseason

All GVSU students, faculty and staff can participate in club sports organizations but depending on the nature of the club and league guidelines, eligibility rules may vary. Many of our competitive clubs require students to be enrolled full-time.

Please check your sport’s governing body, league, conference for eligibility rules and if you still have questions please contact our office.

Club Sports are registered student organizations (RSO). Each new prospective clubs must first complete the process through the Office of Student Life before being eligible to join the Club Sport Program. For more information visit

The requesting organization must have goals and objectives that align with the Club Sports mission and meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a registered student organization in good standing with the Office of Student Life.
  2. Must be endorsed by Recreation & Wellness
    • The following factors are considered by the Recreation & Wellness Department when reviewing new Club Sport applications:
      • No prior/similar club or program currently exists?
      • Need of GV athletic & rec facilities to participate in the activity?
      • Does the club require travel? How much per academic year?
      • Is there a demonstrated desire from the student body to join and support this program?
      • Is the goal of the club to compete against other collegiate programs?
      • Does the new organization have a plan to create a sustainable program?

Note: The organization must not create a demand for resources (i.e. staffing, facilities or monetary) greater than that which can be met by Recreation & Wellness.

Once you have gathered all your club members and sport information you need to fill out the Club Sports Information Form. Please fill out this form as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible.

Club Sport Equipment

All club equipment purchased by the university is stored in one of the club sport storage facilities. Club presidents and coaches are given access to equipment whenever needed. If your club needs storage on campus, please contact our office so we can help you.

To purchase equipment with donations please contact [email protected] to set up a meeting.

You will be asked to bring the following to the meeting:

  • Options for purchasing - online, catalog, etc.
  • Storage plan
  • Equipment examples - pictures, web-links, etc. 

Club Sport Travel

First thing needed is to complete the Recreation Travel Roster and Itinerary Form. This needs to be filled out completely as possible. If you need a vehicle rental, please complete the Vehicle Rental Request Form on LakerLink and then the Student Driver Registration

This form is to be completed by Recreation & Wellness programs that will be traveling away from GVSU and GVSU associated rental/leased facilities. Please fill out this form completely and to the best of your knowledge. This form must be completed and approved prior to your program's travel. 


Student Driver Procedures

All students driving university-owned, rental or personal vehicles on behalf of Grand Valley State University must complete the following procedures.  Students must complete this process every academic year.  All permissions will expire at the end of the current academic year. 

Students with 6 or more points or with special circumstances on their license will not be cleared to drive on behalf of GVSU.


Students 18 – 20 are ONLY permitted to drive sedans or mini-vans.

Students 21 and older are permitted to drive all vehicles including 12 or 15 passenger vans (in /out of state).

All students (21 and older) that are driving a 12 or 15 passenger van must review the 12 – 15 Passenger Driver Awareness Power Point. This Power Point is available here.
Out-of-state students must obtain a copy of their driving record from the state issuing their driver’s license. They must turn that into the GVPD for review prior to permission to drive on behalf of GVSU. We are not able to verify an International license.


Grand Valley Police Department will check licenses through the LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network) System. The Student Driver Checklist spreadsheet will be updated with Cleared (Yes / No) and DPS Expiration Date. 
The LEIN process/check will be updated weekly.

Any drivers (whether using personal or rental vehicles) on student organization trips must be cleared by the Department of Public Safety as an authorized driver. Students who will be driving must be approved by going to Public Safety and presenting their driver's license. It is advised that students anticipating going on a trip have this done at the beginning of the school year.

All drivers are individually responsible for any traffic violations, tickets, etc., and will be expected to pay applicable fines.

If class release letters are needed please e-mail [email protected] with a list of students attending, date of departure, date of return, date of event, location, and name of event. These can take 2-3 days to complete, please plan accordingly.

All confirmations will have a pick up location based on your selection when applying for vehicles.

The student driver is responsible for paying for the ticket. 

If a vehicle is damaged please contact our office IMMEDIATELY! The more we are aware of a situation the better we can help you.

First, do your homework. Contact multiple places in the area you are headed for the best rate. Make sure you are using discounts from the tournament/league and following their policies. Make the reservation with the hotel and then pay with your club credit card.

Plane tickets may be purchased individually by members or we can have you make the payment for everyone with our club sport purchasing card. If your club does use the method of paying with the purchasing card you must bring in a check to GVSU for the amount.

Club Sport Budgeting

The on-campus bank account is your clubs account that has all donations, allocations, and campus partnerships deposited into it. It is to be used to pay large invoices and viewed as a savings account. You can access that amount by e-mailing [email protected] and we can then provide the numbers.

Any individual or business needing to be paid by this account will need to have an invoice and a W-9 on file with the University.

Checks from this account can take up to four weeks to be processed and mailed. Online payments from this account can be made by appointment with the club sports staff.

Lake Michigan Credit Union, PNC, and Huntington are our primary used banks with the program. The account should be accessible by the club president and treasurer at minimum. We also recommend that clubs have one other board member on the accounts as well.

Proposals must be submitted the Budget Request Form. This form will be live when the allocations have been released from Student Government.

Timeline for submissions: If a check is required requests must be submitted six weeks prior to an event. If the funding is needed for an online or credit card payment requests must be made seven days prior to a Club Sport budget hearing (bi-weekly meetings of the Club Sports Budget Committee). 

Approval is based on the organization’s standing with the Council and Recreation & Wellness Department as well as the bigger picture of funding needs throughout the program. 

Funds are awarded until the week before Spring Break, and then one meeting following Spring Break will open the reserve funding. Reserve funding is the funding left from the tiers that was not used by clubs. Any club in good standing and meeting the point minimum can apply for reserve funding.

Club Sport Injuries & Risk Management

Injured athletes can go to the Injury Care Clinic for no cost. All hours of operation and services can be found at

If an injury is serious please seek emergency care by calling 911 or going to the emergency room as soon as possible.

If the injury is done during a practice on campus please contact the desk staff at either the Kelly Family Sports Center or the Recreation Center to have an injury report filed.

All head injuries should be taken seriously. Know the symptoms of a concussion - confusion, headache, loss of consciousness, balance problems or dizziness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light/noise, nausea, feeling sluggish/groggy, irritability, concentration issues, slowed reaction time. Any symptoms shown should be reviewed by a medical professional.  

Notify our office at [email protected] if you have concerns or need help.

Please notify Bri Slager at 616-331-9397 or by email at [email protected] as soon as possible. 

Club Sport Events & Scheduling

To reserve regular practice space dates and times please e-mail Mitch Eastlick at [email protected] with your club name, # of participants, specific time requests (clubs are allocated up to 2 hours of practices time a day depending on the facility), desired start date for practices and desired end date for practices.

To reserve event and game space dates please e-mail Mitch Eastlick at [email protected] with your club name, type of event (competition, fundraising event, clinic, etc.), participants (another university, GVSU students, high school students, etc.), and date specifics including time(s).

Please have these reservations made as soon as possible so we can adequately staff the event.

Club Sport Logo Usage & Marketing

As an official club sport, your club is eligible to take advantage of wholesale pricing on a variety of Adidas items.  Most items are 40% off the MSRP catalog price (35% off shoes and accessories). To place your order through the GVSU Athletic Department or for questions regarding Adidas items, please contact Samantha Hayden at [email protected]. You must copy club sports administrative staff on the email with your order. 

View the most recent Adidas catalogs by clicking here. 

Be sure to include the following information on your order:

Item Name

Style #

Color Code

Sizes & Quantity of Each Item

Adidas orders will be charged to your team's on-campus bank account. It will be the responsibility of the club team to reimburse Campus Recreation for the total amount of the order. Orders will be shipped to the Campus Recreation office for pickup by team leadership. All items will be blank and it is the responsibility of the club team leadership to take items to a club sport program approved/licensed vendor for printing or embroidery.

GVSU Club Sports organizations are required to use one of the following licensed vendors unless given special permission from Club Sports Administration.

Competitive Edge 

Savage Ultimate

Stitchtime Corporate Apparel & Products

Victory Apparel


All artwork using GVSU intellectual property or representing a GVSU Club Sports organization must be submitted to the Club Sports Logo & Apparel Request for Approval.


All logo guidelines can be found in our Club Sport Handbook

Still need help? Contact administrative staff at [email protected]

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