Club Sport Coaches Handbook


Enhance and engage the GVSU community by providing inclusive and diverse recreational opportunities that inspire participation, promote health and wellness, and encourage student development and success.


The Associate Director, Assistant Director and Coordinators are primary contacts for all clubs. Prior approval of club activities including but not limited to: travel, planning events, logo approvals, budget expenditures and facility reservations must first be approved by Club Sports Administration. Professional Staff are available for consultation regarding any aspect of your organization. 

The Recreation & Wellness Staff can assist with services and benefits that include:

  • Program advising and leadership development
  • Budget preparation and presentation
  • Equipment purchase advising
  • Facility scheduling for practice and competition
  • Team travel logistics and reimbursement
  • Tournament planning

It is the responsibility of club officers to seek assistance of Administration regarding any club issues and questions. Club officers can schedule an appointment, send an e-mail, or call the Recreation & Wellness office to ensure attention is provided. 

Please call Recreation & Wellness at (616) 331-1732 or e-mail [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment.



D135 Recreation Center
OFFICE PHONE: (616) 331-1732
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Acting Director of Recreation & Wellness
Mike Przydzial
OFFICE PHONE: (616) 331-3212
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Assistant Director of Recreation & Wellness
Anna Tollefson
OFFICE PHONE: (616) 331-9397
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Club Sports Coordinator

Recreation & Wellness Office Coordinator
Jody Tenckinck 
OFFICE PHONE: (616) 331-1732
E-MAIL: [email protected]

During the academic year, the Recreation & Wellness office is typically open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm on days when classes are in session. When classes are not in session, please call our main line at 616-331-1732 for updated business hours.


As a Club Sports Coach, you have taken a supporting leadership role within the organization and student body of GVSU. As a coach, you have the opportunity to use your expertise to help GVSU students learn and develop skills, both in and out of their sport. Your leadership and dedication to the club helps ensure continued club success.

Club Student E-Boards recommend candidates, but the final decision must be approved by the Recreation & Wellness Administration. 

Expectations of a Coach

As a coach, you are expected to understand and accept the roles and authority of your position as described below:

  1. It is your responsibility to become familiar with GVSU Club Sport guidelines and procedures that govern operations. Coaches are expected to abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the University and any conference, league, or governing body in which the club may be a member.
  2. You may act only in areas in which the club has authorized, subsequent to approval by GVSU Recreation & Wellness, and understand that a club sport is first and foremost a student organization to be administered by elected student officers.
  3. You may not solicit money from any source, or purchase, rent, or commit anything in the name of Grand Valley State University or the above-named club without approval from the club, Club Sports Administrative Staff, and other University officials.
  4. You may not be listed on the club’s off-campus bank account without prior written authorization from Club Sports Administration, nor spend club funds without approval from the club's E-Board.
  5. You are responsible for promoting fair play and good sportsmanship at all times.
  6. You will represent the club and Grand Valley State University Club Sports in a positive and professional manner at all times.
  7. You are responsible for coordinating appropriate safety practices at all club functions and reporting issues to Club Sports Administration.
  8. You are responsible for conducting safe and well-organized practice and training sessions that will enable club members to develop and improve their skills.
  9. You are expected to meet with your club's e-board regularly to discuss goals of the club, expectations and respective roles. 
  10. You are responsible for attending club practices, competitions, and other club functions as well as meetings set forth by Club Sports Administration.
  11. You are responsible for keeping all required certifications current and on file with Club Sports Administration.
  12. You will maintain good communication with not only your team, but also with Club Sports Administration.

In accepting your role as a coach, you further understand:

  • The risk associated with this position, and that you are responsible for any medical or other costs associated with bodily injury or property damage sustained by you in the performance of your duties.
  • That you are responsible and accountable to Grand Valley State University Club Sports, as well as to the club sport for which you are coaching and/or providing instruction.
  • That you are not able to be paid from any funding source outside of Grand Valley State University.

Though not required, if desired, coaches are able to recruit student-athletes to their club sport. Clubs that actively recruit high school students, transfer students, and current students to join GVSU Club Sports are typically more successful.

Please note, funding for recruiting efforts is not supported by Recreation & Wellness but rather from your club's student E-board. Coaches do not get paid more based on how many students they recruit. All costs associated with recruiting must be approved by the e-board prior to the trip. 

Recruit Visits

All visiting recruits must complete a waiver form prior to participating with a club sport. Recruits younger than 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and complete a Club Sports Guest Waiver prior to activity.

Club Sports are encouraged to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) to further promote their club to the GVSU community. Good judgment must be used when it comes to posting messages on these platforms. While coaches may assist with their club's social media accounts, they are not expected to.

Club Sports Administration will collect information regarding social media accounts or handles for each team (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, etc.). This will help ensure that better communication and promotion of the club occurs. All teams must affiliate with Club Sports in their social media page name or description and should only use approved logos and images.

It is also encouraged that members and clubs follow us on Twitter and Instagram at and Plus, “like” our Facebook page at to keep up to date with news and information regarding the club sports program. 

Hiring & Payment Resources

New Coaches must complete and submit the following documents and forms to Human Resources during normal business hours (8a-5p), unless otherwise noted:

Each club sport is awarded an annual amount of funding to pay their coaching staff that will be communicated by Club Sport Administration prior to each fall semester. Head coaches will determine how stipend amounts are split.

Any additional funds that clubs would like to pay their coaches must be communicated by the club E-board to Club Sport Administration. Additional coaching stipends are eligible for funding by the Club Sport Executive Council, but are not guaranteed.

Payment Policy

Clubs that are supplementing their coaching stipends must do so through Club Sports. Clubs are responsible for the principal plus any additional fringe cost. 

No coaches are to be paid from any funding source outside of Grand Valley State University.

All coaches (non-volunteer) are expected to have the following certifications current and on file with Club Sports Administration:

You will be asked to resubmit copies of current certifications annually.

Head Coaches are responsible for the search, hiring, and supervision of their coaching staff and are expected to follow the guidelines below for hiring paid assistant coaches:

  1. Determine your stipend allowance for a coaching staff. Take into consideration how much wages both Recreation & Wellness and the club are able to fund.
  2. Assess coaching staff needs for the year and develop position roles for each assistant in collaboration with the club's student E-board.
  3. Report contact information (name, email, phone number, and address) of your coaching staff to Club Sports Administration and include each individual's stipend amount (from both Recreation & Wellness funding and the club's), and their start/end date.
  4. Complete and submit all new hire documents and forms.
  5. After all documents are submitted, you will receive clearance from Club Sports Administration that an assistant coach may begin helping to support club operations. Your cooperation is expected in not allowing assistance coaches to be involved with the club until they have been hired.

Registering as a Volunteer Coach

Club Sport Volunteer Coach Information Form

All volunteer and unpaid coaches must register as a University Volunteer and pass a background check prior to providing any instruction to a club sport. Policies and procedures on becoming a University Volunteer can be found through the Risk Management web page. Please note that the Head Coach or club E-Board must appoint Volunteer Coaches as they are not open positions.

Payment Policy

Volunteer coaches are unable to receive any compensation from Grand Valley State University or their Club Sport.

Campus Resources for Coaches

All employees are required to register for a GVSU parking permit in order to park on campus annually. If you are a new employee, once your network credentials and ID # are available, you can register for your parking permit. Visit for instructions. Please remember, all University parking lots require a permit. 

Overnight parking for coaches and athletes requires a separate permit. Please refer to the Club Sports Handbook for procedures. 

Coaches are encouraged to contact and work with the GVSU Admissions Department, as they can assist with admitting students, preparing tours and resources for recruits, and answer any questions about the University from recruits and/or their families.

For more information, visit their web page:

Contacts in the Admissions office for Club Sports:

Main phone to be directed to a counselor: 616-331-2025, e-mail: [email protected]

The career center is available to all students at GVSU and offers a variety of services from career planning to major exploration. More information about the Career Center can be found at:


The counseling center is a team of trained professionals committed to improving the mental health of the GVSU student body through counseling, education & consultation. They offer the following counseling services to all currently registered GVSU students free of charge:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Relationship counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Special events & seminars
  • Consultation & referral
  • Emergency services
  • Peer education program

As a staff member of the university, you can also provide a referral for a student that may be in danger to themselves or those around them. 

More information about the Counseling Center can be found at:

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships assists students with questions about aid, loan requirements, and finding scholarships. More information about Financial Aid and Scholarships can be found at:

Human Resources provides resources and services to GVSU employees and applicants that enhance the university’s reputation for attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty and staff possible.

This will be your resource for current job openings, calendars, disability support, network ID/password, contracts, and parking passes. More information about Human Resources can be found at:

Club Sport Coaches all have a GVSU email account that should be utilized to communicate club matters. To access your GVSU email, use the link below and bookmark it to your web browser.

If you do not know your GVSU login information, contact the IT Help Desk.

Coach Pre-season Action Items

Hiring Assistant Coaches

Head Coaches are responsible for the search, hiring, and supervision of their coaching staff and are expected to follow the guidelines in the "Assistant Coaches" section above for hiring paid assistant coaches.

Ensure that financial records are up to date and accurate with the team’s current or previous treasurer.  A monthly financial meeting should be held within the organization to ensure the members are well-informed on the financial status of the club. Monthly statements for off-campus bank accounts are required to be submitted to Club Sports Administration by the Club's E-Board.

Ensure that all equipment and uniforms that are necessary for the start of the season are ordered ahead of time. 

It is important to note that each printed item using GVSU’s intellectual property or club sport organization name, must follow all marketing and branding guidelines provided by Club Sports Administration prior to printing. All printing or embroidery using GVSU's name, the club's name, or GVSU intellectual property must be printed by a licensed vendor listed in the Club Sports Identity Handbook, unless otherwise given permission. 

Please refer to the Club Sports Style Guide when assisting with the design and ordering of apparel.

Clubs must submit a competition schedule of games and/or events as soon as possible. All events are subject to facility and staff availability and are not guaranteed.

Please submit your club's schedule to [email protected].  Any changes to your club's original schedule must be reported to Club Sports Administration so adjustments can be confirmed.


Reservations for use of the Outdoor Athletic Fields, ICA Weight Room, Fieldhouse Arena, Fieldhouse Combative Room, Fieldhouse classrooms, or the Kelly Family Sports Complex should be made through the Club Sports Administration. 

Requests for fall semester should be turned in by at least July 1st annually. Requests for winter semester should be turned in no later than November 1st. All requests submitted by these deadlines will be looked at fairly in comparison with other club sport requests. Scheduling games and practices can often be a frustrating experience due to lack of availability of facilities for many club sports. Early communication with Club Sports Administration can help resolve this problem.  

For questions regarding scheduling of Club Sports on campus, please contact Assistant Director, Anna Tollefson, at [email protected] Clubs utilizing off-campus facilities should contact Acting Director, Mike Przydzial, at [email protected] to ensure a Facility Use Agreement is in place.

All coaches are expected to have a GVSU ID card upon getting hired. To receive an ID card, please follow the instructions below:

Email the following information to [email protected] and HR will get ID’s printed and out as soon as possible. ID cards can be sent via Intercampus or US Mail. 

  • First and Last Name 
  • G# *If new employee please wait to request ID until G# has been generated
  • Address to send:  Either department address OR staff home address 
    • Intercampus Address (Recreation & Wellness, RC D-135)
  • Headshot photo that can be imported to your ID
    • If coach has previously worked at GVSU in the last few years they can also pull the previous photo

Volunteer Coaches will receive a Facility Access Card upon completing their required paperwork.

Prior to each season all coaches should help ensure their club's webpage is revised and up to date. 

Coach Post-Season Action Items

If desired, coaches are able to recruit student-athletes to their club sport, but it is not required. Clubs that actively recruit high school students, transfer students, and current students to join GVSU Club Sports are typically more successful. Please note, funding for recruiting efforts is not supported by Recreation & Wellness but rather from your club's student E-board.

Coaches may work with the Admissions Office to set up campus tours, get connected with financial aid, among other tools to help with recruiting efforts. Visit their Be a Laker, Bring a Laker program for more details.

Each Club Sport is responsible for keeping an inventory and safely storing equipment. If storage space is needed, please contact Club Sports Administration.

Each club sport member will be asked to submit a survey based on their experience with club sports.  Members of teams that include coaches will also be asked to submit an evaluation survey on the coaching staff.  These surveys provide the Club Sports Administrative staff with feedback from participants that help ensure the needs of the club sports organizations are met.  

Head Coaches will be contacted to schedule a post-season evaluation to discuss performance and contract renewal for the following season. Coaches are encouraged to discuss salary contributions from their club prior to meeting with Club Sports Administration.

If you are interested in hosting a Camp or Clinic for your club, please contact Club Sports Administration to begin planning. No camp or clinic is to be hosted without prior authorization from Club Sports Administration.

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