Climbing Center Student Staff Positions

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Climbing Center staff are the primary facilitators of climbing related programs and services. All positions are part-time. Positions involving Open Climb have regular weekly shifts while staff hired to work primarily private group events will work as-needed. Both roles have large customer service and risk management components which are vital to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment while providing a fun and exciting experience through climbing. Training for both is identical and staff can substitute for either role as-necessary. Ideal applicants are passionate, dependable, safety-minded, and eager to share the joy of climbing with others. Some climbing experience is expected.


Application Deadline: n/a

Start Date
Training dates: 


Hours: various;

Location: GVSU Allendale Campus, Climbing Center 


Pay for the Desk Staff role starts at Step A, Class 3 of Student Employment's established wage rate schedule ($10.37 as of Jan. 2021)

Outdoor Adventures Anticipated Hiring Timeline


Application Period


Estimated Start


May - Mid-July

Late August

End of August


August - Mid-October


Early January


December - Mid-February


Early May



Training Offered/ Required


Climbing Center Staff

New Hire Orientation - Internal (includes University and department-specific policies, procedures & systems vital to employment and job function.

Climbing Wall Management - Internal (includes Professionalism, fundamental equipment (inspection & use), Belay standards, backup belays, ground anchors, general wall supervision, waivers, facility orientations, and emergency action plans)

Adult CPR, FA, AED w/ BBP - American Red Cross curriculum (training provided)

Campus Security Authority/ Clery Act training - Internal

Oversight of open climb operations and facilitation of most private group events.

Instructor Endorsement

All CC Staff plus...

Climbing Wall Instructor Certification - PCIA curriculum (offered throughout first semester of employment)

Instructing technical climbing skills within your demonstrated proficiency.

Team Building Endorsement

All CC Staff trainings plus

Group Operations/ Facilitated Experiences - Internal

Facilitating private group events with team-building specific componentst

Trip Leader Endorsement

Trip Leadership 1 & 2 - internal

GVSU Approved Driver - internal

Demonstrated Camp-Craft Proficiencies - internal

Demonstrated Climbing Proficiencies based on type of trips desired - internal

Wilderness First Aid or higher - various curriculum accepted. WMA Wilderness First Responder Cert. offered each May

Co-lead climbing trips within your demonstrated proficiency, to approved locations.


Q: Do I need to be a crazy strong climber to get hired?
A: Strong, no. Experienced, at least a little. Climbing is a service profession. It's all about your ability to provide an amazing experience for participants and no part of that involves showboating on the wall. While there are some benefits to climbing well; having knowledge of the equipment, systems, & how to move on the wall efficiently will be more helpful in assisting participants and recognizing risky behaviors and correcting them effectively.

Q: Are there any trainings I should take to better my chances of getting hired?
A: Any formal training you can take ahead of applying is helpful. Our technical skill workshops meet, if not exceed industry standards for content and quality. By participating, you are showing an interest in best practices, advancing the respect of climbing as a sport, demonstrating a dedication to personal development, and familiarizing yourself with programs and services we offer.



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