Mission and Vision

Community Reading Project Mission Statement

The Grand Valley State University Community Reading Project (CRP) enhances the intellectual environment and culture of GVSU and its surrounding communities by encouraging the reading, appreciation, and discussion of books. The CRP strives to promote diversity, inclusion, insight and understanding by creating dialogue and events surrounding relevant themes and ideas within the books.

Community Reading Project Vision Statement

The Community Reading Project is an interdisciplinary endeavor among the GVSU campuses and local communities. It is dedicated to providing students, staff, faculty, administration and the members of our communities with the highest quality engagement of reading and discussing relevant books.

The Community Reading Project will offer participants opportunities to explore the traditions of humane values and the heritage, problems, and perspectives of their own and other cultures. Participants will develop the skills of inquiry, reflection, analysis, critical thinking, dialogue, and creative expression.

The Community Reading Project is characterized by and supports active and engaged learning. It is dedicated to creating diverse and inclusive environments, opportunities and dialogue that promote the development of intellect and creativity through reading. Realizing this vision will result in an enriched and vibrant campus culture and surrounding communities.

Page last modified January 12, 2018