Phase 1: Identifying Emergent Patterns

The vision for Grand Valley in 2025 will emerge from consensus around shared values and our common mission.

Still, some momentum is evident in some key areas—both building on the “essence” of GVSU and its particular strengths as well as on opportunities that continue to emerge. Some of what may emerge for Grand Valley in 2025 includes a strong reputation for:

  1. A high-quality learner centered education that integrates a liberal education foundation with experiential learning and focused professional training with career- and life-connected skills. Learners possess agency of their own learning which is available over a lifetime.
  2. A new equity that provides opportunities for learners who have historically been excluded from higher education. This equity includes access to degree programs, high-impact learning experiences, career enhancement, and lifetime learning with equitable outcomes through enhanced opportunities, new supports, and unparalleled experiences.
  3. Resilient graduates who are prepared to lead and succeed through change in their careers and communities.
  4. Opportunities that serve learners when and where they are – leveraging our multi-campus and digital opportunities.
  5. A university and learners that are agile and embrace a growth mindset aligned with a future of rapid change.

Revised November 23, 2020


Grand Valley State University educates students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies. The university contributes to the enrichment of society through excellent teaching, active scholarship, and public service.

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