Parallel Planning

The University has several parallel planning efforts underway that will be integrated into overall strategy development with liaison representatives serving on the Steering Committee.

Strategic Enrollment Management

Vice President for Enrollment Development & Education Outreach, Dr. B. Donta Truss, has convened a Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Task Force. The charge of the task force is to develop an innovative, groundbreaking plan that will shape the future of the University. Over the last decade, Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) has become a major force in the organization and practice of higher education. SEM is becoming the more prevalent planning approach, as the higher education industry has changed drastically and enrollments across the country are declining. In the Future of Enrollment Management (2017) author Jeffrey Selingo stated, “The decade ahead promises to be tumultuous for college enrollment.” Then COVID-19 entered our lives and magnified this already difficult landscape. Grand Valley is prime for a new Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEMP) as we begin to plan what enrollment will look like post-COVID-19. Dr. Truss serves as the enrollment planning liaison to the Steering Committee.

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

Donta Truss

Vice President Donta Truss

Digital Transformation

Vice President & Chief Digital Officer, Dr. Miloš Topić, is leading a university process through IT transformation. To assist in this effort, a University Technology Council is being formed to help shape and guide strategic direction and priorities in support of Grand Valley's mission, values and direction. Dr. Topić serves as the digital planning liaison to the Steering Committee.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Miloš Topic

Vice President Miloš Topić

Racial Equity

In June 2020 following the killing of George Floyd, President Mantella announced a framework for action and a Network of Advisors to guide our commitment to racial equity and social justice. A list of network members, our 15-point plan, and updates on each of the charges are posted at Partners in Action Against Racism. The Network is co-chaired by Dr. Jesse M. Bernal, Vice President for Inclusion, Equity, & Presidential Initiatives; Dr. Jennifer Drake, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; Keri Becker, Athletic Director; and, Dr. Alisha Davis, Assistant Chair and Allied Health Sciences Program Director. Dr. Davis serves as the equity planning liaison to the Steering Committee.

Charge for Racial Equity & Inclusion


Alisha Davis

Professor Alisha Davis

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