Key Revisions from August to January

During the extension accorded the RH2025 Steering Committee, we have gone back to work to incorporate input from various constituencies. Some of the key changes made from mid-October 2021 to early December 2021 include:

January 2022 Revisions

  • Copyediting for parallelism, syntax, and clarity
  • A number of work and phrase-level tweaks
  • Insertion of draft land acknowledgment under Educational Equity

Vision Statement

Expanded and detailed to emphasize the integration of liberal and professional education, to specify who “we” are, and remove the unpopular word “unmatched.”

Mission Statement

Added in a second sentence or phrase, which comes directly from our current (2016-21 two-sentence mission). That second part describes what we are (a university) and what we do (teach, enrich, empower, advance, and actively conduct scholarship).

"Students" and "Learners"

Added in many more uses of the word “students” to complement the use of “learner.”

Empowered Educational Experience

  • Added bullet points that point to some of the specific ways the strategy will be enacted, without getting too far into tactics
  • Eliminated the unpopular phrase “high touch”
  • Deleted the “marketing” language embodied in the second-person promises to potential “customers”
  • Emphasized the role of the talented faculty by specifically naming their important leadership role

Lifelong Learning

  • Provided many more details, via bullet points, to illustrate this strategy
  • Specifically emphasized continued dedication to “traditional-aged FTIAC student population” before describing the expanded impact we will work towards—in serving student populations beyond that FTIAC core
  • Emphasized the importance of enrolled students in fostering the principles of a lifetime of learning
  • Eliminated the unpopular “entrepreneurial” as a goal for student behavior
  • As in the other two strategies, deleted the “marketing” language embodied in the second-person promises to potential “customers”

Educational Equity

  • Provided additional, bullet-pointed specifics to help illustrate this strategy
  • Emphasized the connection between wellbeing of people to wellbeing of world, and wellbeing of communities
  • Changed “impatiently” (impatience is not a virtue) to “urgently”

Page last modified December 15, 2021