Applicants will be asked to login to the application. This is to ensure that the student is only submitting application information for themselves.

Once an application has been started, applicants must either submit or return later to start over. Candidates are encouraged to prepare essay responses prior to application completion. The application will time out after twenty minutes of inactivity.

Applicants will be asked to "sign" at the end of the application, understanding that:

  • All information provided in the application is correct.
  • Once submitted, application details may not be changed. 
  • The Resident Assistant position is an academic year-long commitment (August 2018 through May 2019).
  • You have the right to speak to a staff member within the department of Housing & Residence Life regarding your application and your status in the selection process.

Due to the responsibilities of the Resident Assistant position (accessing confidential student data, managing keys, etc.); as well as the nature of the Resident Assistant position (a scholarship that covers both room and board), candidacy is dependent on a successful criminal background and academic background check.

If applicants wish to edit or withdraw their application, you will need to email


It is encouraged that applicants work on the answers to their essay questions ahead of time so that they may proofread and edit responses before submission. 

Quick tip: Answers should be specific and thorough, but authentic. There are no right or wrong answers.

Here are the four essay questions to the application component of this process:

  1. How have you been an engaged member of the Grand Valley and/or your home community?

  2. Based on the responsibilities of the position, what current skills do you hope to refine and what new skills do you hope to develop as a result of the RA experience?

  3. Describe how your viewpoint on a topic or issue has changed as a result of your experience at Grand Valley (either in or outside of the classroom).

  4. Please review the Mission and Vision of the department of Housing & Residence Life. Describe how the RA position contributes to this Mission and Vision.

Page last modified October 2, 2017