Strategic Contracts by Category

To help contain costs and reduce expenses, Procurement Services has awarded and identified contracts that are open for use by all authorized faculty and staff. These contracts are awarded through the RFP process as well as through the E&I Consortium. The university’s strategic sourcing strategy involves establishing relationships with suppliers who provide deep discounts on products and services.  The leverage of the university increases as the spend on strategic contracts increases, creating the opportunity to increase and expand discounts, enhance service, and demonstrate to competitors the value of the bidding on future RFP's to obtain strategic contracts.  

Benefits of strategic contracts include improved negotiation power for the university to reduce costs, improved contract and supplier performance management, and lower overall procurement process cost through the reduction in the number of transactions that require the competitive bid process. Ordering through our strategic contracts is the most efficient use of university resources and the best overall value for the university.

Orders should be made using a GVSU issued purchasing card where appropriate. For larger orders exceeding $5,000 a requisition should be submitted in Banner Admin pursuant to the Purchasing Policy.






Support Supplier Diversity!

E&I offers a growing number of diverse suppliers as well as those with diversity programs and partners of their own.

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