Property Pickup Form

The GVSU Surplus Store is responsible for non-hazardous property pickup for University items and equipment. The Surplus Store will contact you the day before the pickup is made to confirm materials are still available for disposal.

The Surplus Store staff is not responsible for disassembling or tearing down equipment. All items must be ready prior to pickup date.

* denotes a required field

Contact Information

Provide the contact responsible for the property pickup.

Can we contact another department member if you are unavailable on pickup day? *

Alternate Contact

Alternate contact will be responsible for property pickup if the primary contact is unavailable.

Pickup Location

Pickup Description

Enter the pickup item quantity followed by the item description


  • 1 Desk
  • 5 Boxes of Office Supplies
  • 3 Microwaves

Additional Comments

Provide any other relevant item or pickup information in the field below


  • Item is in working condition
  • Item weight and dimensions 75 pounds and above
  • Item includes instruction manual
  • Item is located in restricted area, e.g. door must be unlocked by contact
  • Any other information

Terms & Conditions

By checking the box below, I certify that the equipment is clean of hazardous materials *

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