Note : The following information reflects requirements from Fall, 2004 to the current academic year catalog. Students who enrolled prior to Fall, 2004 should consult the appropriate requirements for their chosen catalog year.

Requirements for the Psychology Minor

Psychology minors are required to take a minimum of six courses in psychology totaling at least 20 semester hours of credit.

PSY 101 is required, as is a methods course chosen from PSY 300, SS 300 or, if the student is a social work major, SW 430.

Minors must take one course from three of the following six categories.

1. Biological: 375, 430, 431, 432.
2. Developmental: 301, 305, 331, 364. 3. Personality/Clinical: 303, 324, 420, 452. 4. Social Context: 355, 360, 381, 445. 5. Cognitive: 357, 361, 365. 6. General: 311, 362, 405, 410.

Students also choose any two psychology courses, totaling six credit hours, as electives.

For students who choose to take PSY 399 and/or PSY 499, no more than three credit hours in these courses may be counted towards the minor. Psychology minors must take at least one-third of the credits constituting their minor from the Psychology Department. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in the psychology minor. Students seeking teacher certification in secondary education must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 in the psychology minor.

Psychology Minor Worksheets

The following worksheets list the requirements for the psychology minor in an easy to understand format.

These worksheets are not meant to replace direct advising contact with your faculty advisor, but simply to provide basic information. Please consult with your faculty advisor regularly to fully understand the minor requirements.

Worksheets are specific to particular catalog years.  Your catalog year is the academic year in which you started at GVSU.  For example, if you started at GVSU in Fall, 2004; Winter, 2005; or Spring/Summer, 2005, your catalog year would be 2004 (the 2004-2005 academic year). Note that the Spring/Summer semester belongs with the previous catalog year.

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