Victoria Fogel

Victoria Fogel

Senior Part-Time Professor

Office: 2110 Au Sable Hall

Phone: (616) 331-9233


Applied Behavior Analysis, Academic performance, Caregiver training, Physical Activity, Sustainability, Autism


Courses Taught

PSY 310 - Behavior Modification

Research Interests

I am a behaviorist and interested in how the science of Applied Behavior Analysis can be used to solve socially significant problems. I would love to take part in any research project that includes a measure of behavior, as defined as a specific action that can be observed and measured by others. I am very open to collaboration across disciplines to evaluate the impact of an environmental factor(s) on behavior as well as other variables, across populations and areas. I have collaborated with physical education departments, sport facilities, recreation departments, and elementary schools. I have conducted and published research in the areas of physical activity, exergaming, dance, golf, gymnastics, safety skill training, caregiver training, college instruction, academic performance, social skill training, and overcoming fear and anxiety in swim lessons. I am very passionate about conducting research in the assessment of physical inactivity and development of effective interventions to increase physical activity among all ages for the masses. Furthermore, every semester that I teach, I evaluate the delivery of my courses to identify instructional procedures that are most effective in producing a college learning environment in which students are engaged, enjoy the material, perform well in the course, and are capable of applying the class content to their lives. Although, physical activity and academic performance are my main research interests, I am interested in spreading the science of ABA and open to all research ideas.

Current Research

Collaboration between Schools and Board Certified Behavior Analysts; Functional Assessment Instruments for Physical Activity; and Ethics in Practicing the Science of Applied Behavior Analysis


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