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Swati Gupta

Swati Gupta

PSM Program – Medical and Bioinformatics

Hometown – Rajasthan, India

Undergraduate Institution/major – University of Maharani’s College, India, BS in Biology; MBA in General Management

Internship Sites – Priority Health, Farmers Insurance


Swati earned her BS in Biology at University Maharani’s College in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.  Upon receiving her MBA in General Management, Swati worked as a hospital system analyst in India where she managed the hospital’s data set.  This experience piqued her interest in the information technology side of healthcare, so she took a few IT classes shortly after arriving in West Michigan.  Her practical experience in a hospital setting, combined with her IT coursework, prepared her for the PSM program in Medical and Bioinformatics.

Following two semesters of coursework, Swati was offered a summer internship position with Priority Health in the Analytics and Improvement department, working on the analysis of medical data.  This experience strengthened her confidence in her skills and abilities, and also exposed her to some statistical software packages.  She then broadened her skills during a second internship at Farmers Insurance.  Through her classwork and internships she has learned how to program in R, work with databases using SQL, and analyze data using SPSS and SAS.  Swati recently began a full-time position at Priority Health.

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