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Toph Theisen

Toph Theisen

Christopher (Toph) Theisen completed his degree in Medical and Bioinformatics this past fall and has started a new career in beautiful Colorado. The final requirement, his internship, was probably the most difficult one but also highly rewarding since it resulted in a full-time position. Toph completed his internship at Colorado’s largest healthcare system, Centura Health, where he is now a Business Intelligence Developer. The keys to his internship and subsequent employment were the willingness to start at an entry level, staying calm when overwhelmed, and networking his way to a more appropriate position. Toph’s favorite class at GVSU was Information Visualization because he learned about how humans process visual information and the ways people are turning data into useful visualizations. Driving with Nikko Vogel to Boston to present at a conference was also highly memorable. In the future you will probably see Toph in a management position or running his own consulting firm.

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