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CPT/OPT Workshop

January 22, 2016

CPT/OPT Workshop

Kate Stoetzner, the director of International Student and Scholar Services, came to talk to the PSM international students on Friday January 22nd about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT).  Eighteen students attended this highly informative meeting and enjoyed a free lunch.

Internships are a requirement of all the PSM programs, and Kate explained that CPT approval is required before PSM international students can start a paid internship.  Unpaid internships do not require CPT, however.  Students asked the important and common questions that typically cause anxiety: how do I request CPT approval?  How many hours are considered part-time and full-time? How long can I have a full time CPT and still be eligible for OPT? 

OPT was the second important topic, one that primarily concerns second year students. With OPT, international students are allowed to work after graduation in a full-time position related to the field of their earned degree. The Padnos International Center has scheduled a mandatory OPT fair on February 5th where all international students who are graduating this semester can submit the materials required for OPT.  Kate also talked about the extension of the OPT available to students in STEM fields, explaining the controversial situation that is happening right now with the respective law.  She explained that the 17 month STEM OPT extension will remain in place until February 12th (now extended to May 10th).  A new extension, of 24 months, is currently proposed and comments are being reviewed. 

If you have any questions about CPT and/or OPT do not hesitate to contact Kate Stoetzner (, who will be happy the answer them.


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