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PSM Student Advisory Board Elections

May 02, 2016

PSM Student Advisory Board Elections

Elections of the inaugural members of the PSM Student Advisory Board were held last week, with the winners announced this morning.  Students who self-nominated were included on ballots which were then sent out to their peers with instructions to vote for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place choices.  Each PSM program voted for its own representative and a separate representative of the PSM International students was also elected.  The following students chosen:  Keith Fredlund (Biostatistics), Cheryl Christie (Cell and Molecular Biology), Vanaja Danda (Medical and Bioinformatics), and Jayabrata Mukherjee (International students).

The purpose of the PSM Student Advisory Board is to provide a way for students to bring their ideas, questions, concerns, and general input to the PSM Programs Coordinator.  It will also be a way for the PSM Programs Coordinator to communicate important information back to the students.  Essentially, the Student Advisory Board represents a way to improve communication between students and PSM Programs Coordinator.  The Board is expected to formally meet twice per semester and Board members will be asked to participate in orientation and other events.

At full capacity, the Board will consist of 8 student members.  Each program will have one first- and one second-year student representative, for total of six members.  A seventh representative will come from the part-time student population.  The eighth representative will come from the pool of International students.  The first year and part-time student representatives are scheduled to be elected in late September. 

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