Board Count & Maps

New Board Counts

Board Counts

Below are types of boards, counts, locations, and maps. All posters must be stamped for approval in order to be posted on any campus posting board. You are not allowed to post any posters on walls, outside of classrooms, or on boards labeled "For Academic Use Only". 


Allendale Campus Posting

Approved posters can be posted on up to 135 boards, depending on the type of poster. See the grid above for poster types and board types.

Downtown Posting

CHS and Pew Campus posters must be approved downtown.

Board Counts:
Devos: 5 General boards
Eberhard: 3 General boards
Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences: 5 General boards
Total: 13 General boards

Posting in Housing (both Allendale and Pew Campuses)

See grid above for current Housing board counts. Posting in Housing is not available to faculty, staff, students, or the public. $10 Campus Posting services through the Promotions Office include all housing boards, if your poster is for an on-campus event or other any other GVSU advertisement. Off-campus and Housing Opportunity (room for rent) advertisements cannot be posted in Living Centers.

Board Label Definitions

General boards are open to the community for posting job opportunities, community events, advertisements, etc. Housing posters (rooms/houses/apartments for rent) are not allowed on the General boards.

Campus boards are available for posting anything happening on-campus, or off-campus events that are sponsored by the University. Non-GVSU posters are not allowed on Campus boards.

Opinion (In Kirkhof)
Opinion boards have been established to allow students, faculty, and staff to post items expressing opinions.

Housing Options (In Kirkhof)
Housing Options boards are for advertising off-campus rooms, apartments, and houses for rent.

Housing Boards (In Living Centers)
Housing boards are located in the common areas of each living center. All boards are under the supervision of the Housing staff. Posting is prohibited by non-Housing staff members. To post to Housing, you must bring your posters to the Promotions Office and we will post them for a $10 fee. 

"For Academic Use Only" / Departmental
These boards are under the supervision of each specific academic department. Use of departmental boards is restricted to faculty and staff of that department. The Promotions Office has no affiliation with these boards— you must contact the department to post there.

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