Rebekah Bailey

Rebekah Bailey

Rebekah L. Bailey graduated magna cum laude 2004 with a BS in Political Science and minors in Legal Studies and General Business. She received the 2004 Political Science Outstanding Student Award recipient.

Grand Valley’s political science department prepares its students for more than just political service.  My poli sci major equipped me for law school and my legal career in many ways.  I developed practical skills and learned to write persuasively, think critically, and to read and interpret case law.  But, perhaps more importantly, the department provided engaged and accessible faculty, who instilled in me a passion for learning and the law.

She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School in 2008 with a labor & employment law concentration. She received the 2008 ABA-BNA Award for Excellence in Labor & Employment Law and was the Executive Editor of Law & Inequality: a Journal of Theory and Practice, where she also published an article, “Pressing Forward: Connecticut’s Approach to Embryonic Stem Cell Research,” (26 Law & Ineq. 133, 2008).

She has worked at Nichols Kaster PLLP since 2007. She has been admitted to the state bars in Minnesota and California, and has been admitted to numerous federal courts

At Nichols Kaster, I represent people in disputes against corporations, often in class or collective actions.  My cases are primarily employment matters where I try to collect unpaid wages for workers.   I love what we do.  We fight for the little guy.

My cases are all over the country.  I have the privilege of practicing in federal courts from California to New York and many places in between.  I have participated in a variety of court proceedings from multi-million dollar trials to small administrative licensure hearings.  I have filed briefs and petitions to the ninth and the sixth circuits.  I practice with lawyers at my firm who have argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and who regularly testify before our state legislature on pending employment legislation. 

I have been happily married for nine years now.  I live in Minneapolis with my husband, my 15 month-old son and our dog.

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