Toby Hutchins

Toby Hutchins

Toby Hutchins, a GVSU senior who is double majoring in political science and public & non-profit administration, won election to the Fennville Board of Education on November 4, 2014. Hutchins is 21 years old. 

Hutchins credits his political science courses with helping to make him a better candidate. "I think it was the dialogue and discussions that I had in my PLS courses that helped me the most. My public speaking skills grew, especially on key policy issues, and I have able to concretely form my opinions and a basic argument to back them up. This made the platform-making aspect of the campaign easy to create," he stated.

Hutchins explained, "These discussions also will help me as I serve on the board because I'll be able to bring in different aspects and opinions like I have been able to do through my peers in the classroom." 

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