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John H. Logie Fellows Program

March 20, 2017

John H. Logie Fellows Program

The John H. Logie Fellows Program, named for the long-standing former mayor of Grand Rapids, offers Grand Valley students an exceptional opportunity to experience and contribute to the operations of Grand Rapids’ city government.

The complex arena of city government offers numerous opportunities for students, whether they seek enrichment of their educations as citizens of the world or they are pursuing experiences that will help them reach particular occupational goals.  A student awarded the John Logie Fellowship will work individually with representatives from the City of Grand Rapids to tailor the fellowship experience to his or her specific talents and areas of interest.

This fellowship is designed for any current undergraduate student of junior or senior year status or any graduate student from any discipline who would benefit from an in-depth understanding of specific aspects of city governance.  The Fellow will receive tuition free course credit related to the experience for up to six hours, as appropriate to the student’s academic program as well as a stipend of $2,000.

Please visit the Logie Fellowship page on the Office of the Provost website for additional application information.

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